Effective agricultural models to be multiplied

THURSDAY, 28/02/2019 15:21:27

The Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee asked local authorities to select effective and practical agricultural models for multiplication.

Standing members of the Provincial Party Committee visit a "river-in-pond" fish raising model in Dong Xuyen commune (Ninh Giang)

Mr. Nguyen Manh Hien, Member of the Party Center Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee (SPPC), Chairman of the Provincial People's Council; Standing Deputy SPPC Vu Van Son; and Mr. Nguyen Duong Thai, Deputy SPPC, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Head of the Provincial Delegation of National Assembly Deputies, on February 27 morning inspected typical agricultural models in Ninh Giang and Gia Loc districts and worked with the Gia Loc District Party Committee on 2018 task implementation results and 2019 key task execution.

They were accompanied by Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Bich, Member of the Provincial Party Committee's Standing Board, Standing Vice Chairwoman of the Provincial People's Council, and leaders of relevant departments and sectors.

Visiting the "river-in-pond" fish raising model of Dao Van Vien's family in Dong Xuyen commune (Ninh Giang), SPPC Nguyen Manh Hien affirmed that this was a commodity agricultural model with many technical advances applied to production.

The SPPC required the District People's Committee to preside and coordinate with the sectors to create conditions for the model to sustainably develop and bring about long-term economic benefits.

The Departments of Science and Technology and Agriculture and Rural Development should assign specialized officials to regularly monitor and offer suitable intensive farming techniques to utilize the production value of the model.

It is necessary to specifically summarize and assess the effectiveness of the model before multiplication to avoid waste of land and infrastructure.

The SPPC noted that aside from focusing on commodity production, the units should pay attention to product popularization and introduction to facilitate consumption.

The "river-in-pond" fish raising model of Dao Van Vien's family covers a total area of 22 ha, the largest scale in the province, with an investment of VND44 billion.

The model consists of 40 breeding "rivers," 19 of which are being used with an annual output of 1,500 tons of fish. Thanks to the application of automation to production, its economic efficiency is 20 times higher than that of traditional fish rearing.

Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Manh Hien visits Tan Minh Duc Cooperative's model of planting clean vegetables in poly houses

Checking Tan Minh Duc Cooperative's clean vegetables planted in poly houses in Pham Tran commune (Gia Loc), SPPC Nguyen Manh Hien required the authorities and sectors to work out plans and support mechanisms to multiply the model of Tan Minh Duc Cooperative throughout the province, focusing on training human resources for cooperatives to operate effectively.

The SPPC suggested that the cooperative continue to improve its management capability to attract investment and create many goods in the agricultural sector.

He agreed to support the construction of an additional 20,000 m2 of poly and net houses for the cooperative to expand production.

Working with the Gia Loc District Party Committee on 2018 task implementation results and 2019 key task execution, SPPC Nguyen Manh Hien acknowledged the district's achievements in 2018.

Regarding Party, government, and union building, Gia Loc authorities well realized directives and resolutions of Central and provincial authorities.

In economic development, the district authorities developed many typical agricultural production models with high economic efficiency.

Despite such positive results, the district's growth rate was still incommensurate with its potential.

The SPPC recommended the district authorities to be more drastic in direction and administration to help Gia Loc become a dynamically developing district with many breakthroughs.

Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Manh Hien delivers a speech to conclude the meeting with the Gia Loc District Party Committee

To realize the task, SPPC Nguyen Manh Hien suggested that the district authorities review and specifically assess comparative advantages to focus on investment in development.

The District Party and People's Committees must set long-term development goals, thereby working out appropriate directions.

The SPPC suggested that Gia Loc authorities attach special importance to developing hi-tech agriculture and services and exploit advantages of the intersection with Ha Noi – Hai Phong expressway.

The SPPC required the district authorities to urgently summarize models in Party building, government and union activities, and economic development and choose effective and practical models for multiplication; better implement directives, resolutions, and guidelines of Central and provincial authorities with attention paid to developing staffs from district to grassroots levels meeting working requirements; review and assess the ability of Party members to assign suitable tasks and develop new Party members; merge hamlets and residential areas as directed by Central and provincial authorities; and justly arrange officials according to their ability and working requirements.

The SPPC required the district to satisfy all criteria of a new-style rural district in the 3rd quarter at the latest.

The district authorities should care about ensuring the rural environment and improving people's material and spiritual lives and survey the production and business situation of households, thereby planning the establishment and development of enterprises and cooperatives in line with general requirements.

The District People's Committee should proactively coordinate with the departments and sectors to definitely handle problems related to Cuoi Market Trade Center. The district authorities may consider hiring the center out to businesses for it to come on stream this year.



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