Nam Sach strives to become new-style rural district in 2019

MONDAY, 08/10/2018 16:12:17

Nam Sach district authorities have sent a document to the Hai Duong Provincial People's Committee to register and pledge to finish new-style rural district building in 2019.

To fulfill the target, the district authorities have worked out a plan for each unfulfilled criterion and assigned implementation to specialized divisions and boards. In which, special importance is attached to promoting propaganda to agencies, units, and people to be determined to accomplish the goal.

To date, each commune in the district has met 18 criteria on average. 14 out of 18 communes in the district have been recognized to satisfy new-style rural standards, and two communes registering to finish new-style rural building in 2018, An Son and Cong Hoa, have basically fulfilled 19 criteria.

The district has so far achieved seven out of nine district-level new-style rural criteria.



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