New opportunities for Duc Chinh carrots

MONDAY, 17/02/2020 16:30:38

In recent days, carrots of people in Duc Chinh commune (Cam Giang, Hai Duong) have been exported to foreign markets much more easily.

Carrots are preliminarily processed before packaging

Easy export to RoK, Japan…

Enriched with alluvium from the Thai Binh river, soil in Duc Chinh commune is particularly suitable to carrots. The productivity, quality, and appearance of carrots there are rated much higher than in other localities.

These days, in the fields outside the river dykes, farmers are urgently harvesting carrots at the end of the season. This year is a bumper crop of carrots with high prices, so people are very excited.

Nguyen Thi Thu in An Phu hamlet joyfully said: "At the end of the season, the price of carrots has increased to VND5,000/ kg, double the beginning of the season. With larger tubers, each sao (360 m²) brings us at least two tons and VND5-7 million in profit."

Buyers and owners of preliminary processing facilities are also very happy since carrot export is easier now.

In the past years, many carrot purchasing establishments in Duc Chinh continued to shut down after the Lunar New Year; however, this year, on the 3rd and 4th days of the 1st lunar month, the owners of many preliminary processing facilities rushed to find supply sources.

Phung Van Trung, owner of a carrot purchasing facility in Loi Xa hamlet, said: "Many customers in the Republic of Korea (RoK), Malaysia, Thailand, etc. have placed orders by phone. Since the Lunar New Year, my family's facility has exported about 20 containers of goods abroad, nearly double the previous year."

According to Trung, in the past, Duc Chinh carrots were rarely exported directly but mainly depended on Chinese customers or they bought Vietnamese carrots and then stuck Chinese labels for export.

This is the first year Duc Chinh Agricultural Services Cooperative has coordinated with VinEco Agricultural Investment, Development, and Production Co., Ltd. to buy carrots.

Tran Thi Ngan, controller of the cooperative, said: "We contracted to provide 200 tons of carrots for the company. They will be partly consumed in Vietnam, and the rest will be exported to the RoK and some other markets."

As a member of Duc Chinh Agricultural Services Cooperative, apart from fulfilling orders of the cooperative, Tran Thi Luyen, owner of a carrot purchasing facility in An Phu hamlet, also buys carrots for separate export. Her family exports about five containers to the RoK, Japan, etc. each week, up two containers compared to the time before the Lunar New Year.

For sustainable opportunities

Stamping carrots to be exported to the Republic of Korea

Recently, due to the impact of Covid-19, it has been difficult for many domestic agricultural products to be consumed since they cannot be exported to China; however, the export of carrots is quite easy.

Firstly, Vietnamese carrots are not consumed in China. Because of the disease, Chinese carrots cannot be exported to other countries, creating an opportunity for Vietnamese carrots to approach many markets.

Vuong Duc Dung, Secretary of the Party Committee of Duc Chinh commune, said: "In China, carrot growing area is very large. Plus, machines are applied to cultivation and attention, so products are beautiful and cheap. Duc Chinh carrots cannot compete with Chinese ones. Therefore, that Chinese carrots cannot be exported has opened up an opportunity for carrots here."

In addition to the epidemic factor, recently, Cam Giang district authorities have well promoted trade, making many more businesses interested in Duc Chinh carrots.

According to Dung, it is necessary to do better from production to sale for Duc Chinh carrots to be able to compete with Chinese ones.

The State should have measures to build large fields and help people apply machinery to production.

Products should be granted GlobalGAP certificates, not just VietGAP ones as at present; develop a geographical indication for customers to know the origin of products; and build roads for people to transport goods.

In addition, it is necessary to intensify product promotion so that many domestic and foreign enterprises will know Duc Chinh carrots; maintain the existing customers, etc.

Duc Chinh people mainly grow Ti 108 and F444 carrots. These varieties have been cultivated for more than a decade and started to degenerate. The agricultural sector should study new varieties with high productivity and quality to heighten competitiveness in the market and open up many more consumption opportunities.



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