Taking guava abroad

FRIDAY, 11/09/2020 18:24:33

Despite many difficulties, the first export of Hai Duong guava has opened up a positive direction for this agricultural product.

Guava growers hope that the fruit will be favorably exported

Following the success of thieu lychee and longan, the road of Hai Duong guava to foreign countries is also being cleared.


The first five tons of Hai Duong guava are about to dock at a seaport in Dubai in the palpitation of Thanh Ha guava growers. If the order is accepted by customers, there will be a great opportunity to export guava. People can somewhat take the initiative in guava consumption. Prices will also be higher.

Having attached to guava trees for nearly 20 years, Mac Van Nhi in Cam Che commune, Thanh Ha district, was excited when a unit bought his family's guava for export at twice the price in the market. The purchase quantity was not high but enough for him to have confidence in the future of the fruit.

According to Nhi, people have long mastered intensive farming techniques to improve the productivity and quality of guava but cannot control consumption, resulting in unstable selling prices. Farmers often have to accept poor profits or even losses.

"The access of our hometown's guava to fastidious markets will be a great advantage to elevate the product. This has long been a desire of guava growers," Nhi affirmed.

Thanks to the successful export of Hai Duong lychee and longan to fastidious markets, Ho Chi Minh city-based Red Dragon Co., Ltd. is confident of taking the provincial guava to foreign countries.

According to a representative of the enterprise, the unit has been present in Hai Duong for years to survey and assess farm produce with export strengths. In which, guava is one of potential products.

Therefore, the company bought five tons of guava for trial export to Dubai. If receiving good feedback from customers, the company will expand the export scale and market.

The business targets longtime clienteles in Singapore, Australia, and the EU. However, this is only a plan. Whether export is favorable or not depends on many factors.

Not only Red Dragon Co., Ltd. is promoting the export of guava, some other enterprises in and outside the province are also interested and have learned about taking this product to fastidious markets.

According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, a number of units have asked specialized agencies to facilitate the purchase, preliminary processing, preservation, and export of guava to Russia, Japan, and the EU.

Overcoming difficulties

There are 2,100 ha of guava in the province, mostly in Thanh Ha district (1,600 ha) and the rest in Ninh Giang district and Kinh Mon provincial town.

Guava trees rarely depend on weather, and it is easy to apply techniques to control flowering and fruiting, so the guava acreage tends to rise.

Guava is also a fruit tree having high economic value with a production value of about VND220 million/ ha/ year. Nonetheless, the consumption market of guava is unstable. The possibility of exporting guava is a positive signal to improve the competitiveness of this agricultural product.

As planned, the provincial authorities will enlarge the guava acreage to 2,500 ha by 2025 and 3,000 ha by 2030. In which, guava regions in Thanh Ha will be maintained, but the guava acreage in Ninh Giang and Kim Thanh districts, Kinh Mon provincial town, and Chi Linh city will be expanded.

Despite the attention of businesses, there remain many barriers to being able to favorably export guava. In fact, Vietnamese guava has been available in major countries, but material regions are mainly located in southern provinces and cities.

Exported guava is Thai one with good appearance and quality. Meanwhile, Hai Duong people are experienced in planting Thai Binh guava. This variety yield big but uneven fruits despite high productivity. The export fruit market attaches special importance to appearance, so it is difficult to choose Thai Binh guava products for export.

Although intensive farming of guava hardly relies on weather, its quality is largely influenced by weather. In Hai Duong, guava is only crisp and sweet in autumn and winter because at that time it is sunny and dry. In other seasons, the quality of guava is poor. Guava will not be exported all year round like in southern localities. This is the biggest difficulty in retaining exporters of Hai Duong guava.

According to Vu Thi Ha, Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, guava is a staple agricultural product of the province; therefore, the export of guava is an important measure to heighten its value.

To date, Hai Duong guava has been cultivated according to VietGAP process with many regions meeting VietGAP standard. This is the "laissez-passer" for the provincial guava to be present in big and fastidious markets.

The department is drastically directing farmers to take care of guava as guided by specialized agencies to ensure export conditions and attach special importance to product traceability.

With the functions and tasks assigned, in the next crop, the department will accompany businesses to successfully export the provincial guava to major markets. This is not only economically meaningful but also the foundation to put forth key development directions for guava trees in the coming time.



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