Thanh Ha thieu lychee: High prices cover low yield

THURSDAY, 13/06/2019 10:44:33

Thanh Ha thieu lychee season is ending, so farmers are urgently harvesting the last lychee areas.

The yield of Thanh Ha thieu lychee this year is estimated at more than 2,000 tons, equal to one tenth of last year's figure

This year, despite a sharp decrease of yield because of unfavorable weather, thieu lychee is being sold at high prices.

Thanh Xa is one of the communes growing a lot of thieu lychee in Thanh Ha district.

According to Chairman of the Commune People's Committee Pham Quoc Trong, the yield of thieu lychee in the commune reached only about 300 tons this year but up to 3,200 tons last year.

For the past few days, scorching hot weather has made the peel of lychee crack and turn dark, resulting in worse appearance and quality at the end of the season compared to the beginning of the season.

This year, the low yield of lychee plus consecutive hot days has shortened the harvest time to only more than 10 days. Last year, the lychee harvest time lasted until about June 25, but this year, it is expected that by the end of this week, people in the commune will have basically finished harvesting.

Contrary to the scene of hastily hiring people to pick, bundle up, weigh, and transport lychee in the past years, this year, Quach Dai Sinh in Thanh Xa commune mainly mobilized members in his family to harvest lychee.

On an area of about 7,200 ha, Sinh obtained only about four quintals of lychee, or one tenth of last year's yield.

With about 30-year experience in growing and caring for thieu lychee, Sinh said thieu lychee is a picky plant greatly dependent on the weather with strict temperature conditions, especially during flowering and fruiting.

Nonetheless, this year, despite much experience in attention and compliance with instructions and procedures, it was very difficult to improve the situation because of the adverse weather.

At present, lychee is being sold for VND30,000 - 35,000/ kg in gardens, down VND3,000 - 5,000/ kg against the peak harvest time; hence, Sinh's family must urgently pick lychee for sale.

"There are 257 ha of thieu lychee in the commune. Despite a reduction in yield, thieu lychee has been sold for high prices, VND30,000 - 35,000/ kg, compared to VND9,000 - 13,000/ kg in the previous year," said Vice Chairman of the Thanh Thuy Commune People's Committee Pham Van Khanh.

"The value of thieu lychee in the commune is estimated at VND3.3 billion this year, equal to 2018.

"This year, lychee has mostly been domestically consumed, only a small quantity was exported."

Khanh added that due to crop failure, only 3 - 4 households in the commune earned VND50 - 60 million, some took home only VND2 million, some others suffered a complete loss.

One of large weighing points in Thanh Thuy commune but on peak harvest days, Nguyen Thi Lu's family only bought 10 tons/ day on average. In the same period last year, about 100 tons were purchased at the point each day.

Lu said lychee would mainly be sold to Ho Chi Minh city, China, and Laos. Farmers are expected to finish harvesting in about 3 - 4 days. After that, there will be no more lychee to buy.

According to the Thanh Ha District Division of Agriculture and Rural Development, the yield of thieu lychee this year is estimated at more than 2,000 tons, equal to one tenth of last year's figure.

A representative of the District Division of Economy and Infrastructure said that this year, despite a much lower yield of thieu lychee, its selling prices were many times higher than last year, resulting in equal value.

Thieu lychee is mainly domestically consumed and insignificantly exported.

Due to the low yield of lychee, the district authorities did not co-organize a Thanh Ha - Hai Duong Thieu Lychee Week in Ha Noi like last year.



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