2019 Toyota Camry officially on sale in Hai Duong

THURSDAY, 25/04/2019 08:53:40

Toyota Hai Duong introduced two completely built-up 2019 Camry models imported from Thailand on April 24 morning.

The two new Toyota Camry models are rated to have many advantages and be more modern than previous models by customers

At present, models 2.0G and 2.5Q are being priced at VND1.029 million and VND1.235 million, respectively.

These two models are equipped with a high-class leather interior, an 8-inch center screen, voice control equipment, a smart sunroof key, an automatically adjustable driver's seat, etc.

Especially, version 2.5Q has three drive modes: eco, normal, and sport.

The two new models launched by Toyota Hai Duong this time are 4.88 m long and 1.84 m wide, 35 mm longer and 15 mm wider than previous models, respectively.

Model 2.0G uses a 165 hp engine with a torque of 199 Nm while model 2.5Q uses a 178 hp engine with a torque of 235 Nm.

Shortly after launching, there were 10 customers registering to buy the two new Camry models.



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