Believe Zone Co Ltd poses many limitations in investment

THURSDAY, 31/10/2019 16:25:39

The Provincial Industrial Zones Authority has announced the result of inspecting legal observance at an investment project of Believe Zone Co., Ltd. in Phu Thai industrial zone (Kim Thanh).

The company did not keep full documents of the investment project as prescribed.

The investor's contributed capital, total investment in the project, and production scale were higher than registered.

The enterprise did not make annual financial statements, report on the implementation of its investment project in the foreign investment information system, and periodically report on investment supervision and evaluation in accordance with regulations.

The company renovated a number of works in workshop D2 without any license.

The environment in its factory was not frequently monitored in line with the detailed environmental protection project approved by the Provincial People's Committee.

The Provincial Industrial Zones Authority required the enterprise to remedy the limitations and report in writing before November 30.

On October 18, an inspection team of the authority checked the observance of investment, planning, construction, and environment regulations at the company's investment project.



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