Ildong Vina Co Ltd must remedy shortcomings before Sept 20

THURSDAY, 08/08/2019 10:41:36

Ildong Vina Co., Ltd. in Lai Cach industrial zone (Cam Giang) did not keep sufficient documents of its investment projects as prescribed.

Some fields were not implemented, and the production scale was smaller than registered.

The company did not make adequate annual financial statements, report on the implementation of its investment projects in the foreign investment information system, and periodically report on investment supervision and evaluation in accordance with regulations.

The frequency of environmental monitoring was inadequate, air monitoring lacked CO2 parameters, and the parameters of wastewater quality were higher than level B of Vietnamese standards.

There were no signs around the waste storage of the factory, and each type of hazardous waste was not given codes and classified as prescribed.

The above-mentioned issues were announced in the results of inspecting the observance of legal provisions at investment projects of enterprises by the Provincial Industrial Zones Authority.

The authority required the company to remedy the shortcomings and report in writing before September 20.



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