Beautiful stories in pandemic season

FRIDAY, 28/08/2020 22:35:01

Since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out again, people in various parts of Hai Duong province have had practical and meaningful deeds, contributing to spreading in the community to jointly repel the pandemic.

Hoang Duc Vinh and Hoang Minh Hien hand over 35 kg of mushroom floss to the provincial Youth Union for presentation to people in some medically quarantined areas

Families make donations

When realizing that the Covid-19 pandemic had become complicated, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Yen (45 years old) in area 6, Binh Han ward, Hai Duong city together with her two children, Hoang Duc Vinh (18 years old) and Hoang Minh Hien (11 years old), made and gave 35 kg of mushroom floss to the provincial Youth Union for presentation to people in some medically quarantined areas.

In addition, Yen’s children broke their saving pigs and got more than VND4 million. With this money, she and her children bought rice and vegetarian food for more than a dozen of disadvantaged families affected by Covid-19 in the same area.

“Through these actions, I want my children to further understand love and mutual sharing. They were very excited to have given those meaningful gifts,” said Yen.

The contribution story of the family of Le Thi Hop (46 years old) in area 1, Binh Han ward, Hai Duong city is touching.

Hop's father-in-law has been bedridden for years because of fatal illness while her husband suffers from congenital hemolytic disease and has to go to the National Institute of Hematology and Blood transfusion every month for blood transfusion. Hop is the breadwinner of the family.

When the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, she really wanted to do something to contribute to fighting the pandemic. With more than 30 years of working as a crocheter, Hop decided to make woolen “ears” to help those on duty at pandemic checkpoints avoid ear pain after hours of wearing face masks.

Hop took time to quickly crochet wool while her mother-in-law and husband buttoned and meticulously straightened each wool thread. Each person had one job, so after every 10 minutes, a “fake ear” was made. Everyone was happy to have a small part in fighting the pandemic.

To date, Hop and her family members have made and presented more than 200 “fake ears”. She said she would continue this work as long as there remained pandemic checkpoints.

Not only making “fake ears,” Hop and her 16-year-old son Bui Hung Cuong also volunteered to be on duty at checkpoints. Despite many difficulties in life, Hop’s family has donated six barrels of drinking water to a number of checkpoints.

“Hop is a member actively participating in activities and movements of the Women’s Union. Her family’s contributions are worth respecting and have become a moving story promoting the multiplication of good deeds, making the movement of supporting the fight against Covid-19 spread in the community,” said Pham Le Thanh, Head of the Women’s Union Chapter of area 1.

Giving without expecting anything in return

Right from an early age, Nguyen Nhat Mai (eight years old) in Tu Ky district town showed her drawing ability, so her family let her attend a drawing class.

When the pandemic broke out, Nguyen Thi Phuong Thuy, Mai’s mother, suggested that she should draw and sell paintings to save money for donation to Covid-19 prevention and control and, at the same time, train herself.

Thuy helped post her daughter’s paintings on Facebook. The paintings attracted the attention of many people. At first, “orders” were mainly placed by acquaintances and friends of Thuy's family. Gradually, there were customers from as far as Ha Noi, Phu Tho, Dong Nai, Ho Chi Minh city, etc.

In about 10 days, Mai drew nearly 20 paintings, each of which was sold for VND150,000 – 200,000. After deduction of the cost of tools and paint, she donated the remaining amount of about VND1 million to the fight against the pandemic in Tu Ky district.

At present, though having to prepare for the new school year and help her mother look after her sibling under two years old, Mai is still passionately drawing 1-2 paintings each day according to her customers’ ideas and orders to continue saving money for donation next time.  

In recent days, the story of a young man from the remote province of Hoa Binh volunteering to be on duty at checkpoints in Hai Duong city widely shared on Facebook has impressed many people.

He is Bui Van Dung (22 years old). He undertakes the measurement of the body temperature of those passing through a checkpoint on Nguyen Luong Bang street.

Dung has worked as a kitchen helper for a restaurant in Hai Duong city for about three years. In this pandemic season, restaurants have had to suspend operations, but he decided to voluntarily engage in Covid-19 prevention and control activities instead of returning home or taking time to rest.

When questioned about the reason for the decision to join in this strenuous work, Dung happily said: “It’s youth! I consider Hai Duong as my second hometown. I have participated in many meaningful activities of the Volunteer Association of Hoa Binh Fellow-countrymen, so I really want to have a small part in pandemic prevention and control with my youth’s strength.”

There are many other cases like the families of Yen and Hop, Mai, Dung, etc. in the Covid-19 pandemic season. Their stories are full of humanity and have been spread to the  community.

Each person may share and contribute differently, but all of them hope the pandemic will end soon for life to return to peaceful days.



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