​ 58 Solar Lighting Points on Highway 38B

SATURDAY, 09/01/2021 18:32:55

The provincial Traffic Safety Committee has installed the solar lighting system at 58 intersections with speed humps on National Highway 38B which include 44 points in Gia Loc district and 14 points in Thanh Mien district.

 Lights at the intersection of National Highway 38B and the road to Cao Ly hamlet, Cao Thang commune (Thanh Mien)

Subject to the width of the branch road intersecting with National Highway 38B, the lighting system includes light poles of 6-8 m high, LED lamps with a capacity of 200-300 W, solar panels of 700x350 mm, capacity of 35 W. This project has a total investment of over VND 1.1 billion, funded by the traffic institutional expenditure source which was granted to the provincial Traffic Safety Committee in 2020, and by the remaining savings of the Mobile Vehicle Load Check Station which was transferred to the provincial Traffic Safety Committee by 2020.




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