Developed Transport Infrastructure

SATURDAY, 24/10/2020 11:04:04

Identifying transport infrastructure as one of the important factors to motivate socio-economic development, over the past years, Hai Duong has concentrated power resources to improve this field.

Access road to Han Bridge, section from 5B road to national highway 37 in Nam Sach district has been completed, opening up great opportunities to promote local socio-economic development
Many highlights
Hai Duong is located in the center of the Red River Delta, in the economic triangle of Hanoi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh. So as to maximize the potentials and advantages in commercial exchange, the transport infrastructure system has been invested and it is strongly developing.
Currently, there’s 40 km of Hanoi - Hai Phong express way running through the province, 82 km of frontage road; 7 national highways with a total length of 189 km; 21 provincial roads with a total length of 354 km ...
During the past 5 years, many traffic infrastructure projects and works have been invested in the construction, renovation and upgrading with synchronous, modern and breakthrough scale such as the North-South backbone road, the 62 meter width road leading to the intersection of Hanoi - Hai Phong expressway, May bridge, the road connecting Han bridge to Highway 37 ... Along with this, the projects connecting Hai Duong to neighboring localities, creating a foundation for regional economic development. has been deployed with a total investment of over VND 1,480 billion.
The increasingly completed infrastructure has made a great contribution to the development of economic elements.
It’s not difficult to recognize the change in traffic in rural areas in the province over the past time. This is the result of the efforts to invest, upgrade and improve the rural transport system, one of the key tasks in the National Target Program to build New Countryside. Thanks to the active consultation of the provincial Department of Transport, the method of support in cement to localities has brought about positive results, helping to encourage people to join hands in the construction of rural roads.
In the 2015 – 2019 period,  about 2,480 km of standard rural roads has been built in the whole province at a total cost of nearly VND 4,500 billion. In particular, the province have supported more than 500,000 tons of cement (equivalent to more than VND 620 billion) for localities. By end of 2019, all the communes in the province satisfied the traffic criteria, making an important contribution to the destination of 100% of the districts, towns and cities meeting the standards of New Countryside and completing the task of building New Countryside in 2020.
Completing the Traffic Map
In the 2020 – 2025 period, the province has identified 1 of the 3 breakthrough tasks is to mobilize various resources for developing a synchronous and modern infrastructure system; to prioritize investment in the construction of key traffic works, smart urban areas and a model new countryside.

May Bridge crossing Kinh Mon river, connecting Kim Thanh district with Kinh Mon town
Mr. Le Quy Tiep, Member of the Provincial Party Committee, Director of the Department of Transport said that with over 12,000 km of roads of all types, more than 400 km of inland waterways and over 60 kilometers of railway, in the coming time the province will develop the transport system in line with the spatial orientation of the province on the basis of maximizing geographical advantages; will continue to review the transportation development master plan from 2011 up to present, consider and evaluate the network and essential routes.
So as to maximize advantages and potentials in trade, Hai Duong will continue to invest in upgrading the provincial road network and the projects connecting areas in the province; to upgrade some provincial roads such as 389, 390, 391, 392 ... to grade III plain road in order to improve the connectivity between the existing transport networks; to build connecting routes and new roads such as the North-South backbone in Thanh Mien district to serve industrial development in the southern region of the province, provincial road 397 connecting Bac Ninh province with national highway 37; extension road 392 connecting Tu Ky township to Quang Thanh bridge access path leading to Hai Phong; provincial road 394B connecting National Highway 5 with provincial road 392; Provincial road 386 (Hung Yen province) connecting with provincial road 396; Dinh bridge access path ...
Besides the provincial budget capital for the projects to renovate and upgrade the provincial road system, capital supports from the Central and the interprovincial construction cooperation funds will be mobilized for region connecting transport projects. District budget will be mobilized for the sections of the routes passing through the innertown of cities, townships and townlets. It’s necessary to continue to attract investment capital under PPP method with the motto "public investment guiding private investment", especially in the limited budget capital circumstance...


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