Fascinating experiences on Huong river

SATURDAY, 09/06/2018 22:32:10

Restaurants, hotels, guesthouses, ecotourism sites, etc. in Thanh Ha town are ready to serve visitors to the Hai Duong – Thanh Ha Thieu Lychee Festival 2018.

A corner of the Huong river ecotourism site

Restaurants, hotels, guesthouses, ecotourism sites, etc. in Thanh Ha town are ready to serve visitors to the Hai Duong – Thanh Ha Thieu Lychee Festival 2018 with accommodation services associated with the peaceful and poetic Huong river.

Exploring Huong river by canoe

Located by the peaceful and poetic Huong river, Huong river ecotourism site in area 5, Thanh Ha town is a combination of accommodation services and fascinating countryside experiences. The ecotourism site covers an area of up to 13,000 m2.

Vu Manh Chien, manager of the Huong river ecotourism site, said 2 – 3 groups of tourists went there each week for experiences.

The ecotourism site is attractive to visitors thanks to many exciting experience services. The most fascinating is exploring the cool and clear Huong river with floating water hyacinth flowers and rows of lychee trees weighed down with succulent red fruit on the banks by canoe. Tourists can leave the canoe to visit gardens, pick and enjoy lychee fruits right there.

The service lasts as long as tourists like but is not highly priced, only VND150,000 – 200,000/ person/ trip.

Tourists can explore the poetic Huong river with rows of lychee trees laden with fruit on the banks

The Huong river ecotourism site also provides other interesting experience services that tourists cannot ignore, such as visits to deer and wild duck breeding zones, recreational fishing, swimming, contemplation of a flower garden with more than 20 species of roses, etc.

If there is a need, tourists can stay. There are eight 2-star bedrooms priced at only VND300,000/ day.

Situated next to a swimming pool, the restaurant of the ecotourism site can serve 60 guests at the same time with delicious countryside dishes of Thanh Ha made of ruoi (Nereididae), river fish, loach, field frog, etc.

“This year, thanks to the Thieu Lychee Festival organized by the district authorities, the number of tourists registering to stop by our ecotourism site has increased by 50% compared to previous years. To impress visitors with the thieu lychee land of Thanh Ha, we will introduce them dishes imbrued with the land’s character,” said Chien.

Eating on board

Sen Hong Restaurant (Thanh Ha town) can serves 500 guests at the same time

In Thanh Ha town, there are dozens of hotels, guesthouses, and restaurants with good service quality but reasonable prices.

Especially, right at the foot of Huong bridge is Thuyen Buom (Sailing Boat) Restaurant. Visitors to the restaurant will have an opportunity to enjoy countryside dishes in a yacht by a bank of the poetic Huong river.

The owner of Thuyen Buom Restaurant said it could serve about 100 guests at the same time with airy and clean dining rooms in the yacht and on the shore.

Dishes there are rather diverse, from shrimp, fish, loach, frogs, and snails to chickens, goats, etc. with prices ranging from VND150,000 to VND200,000 per serving.

Though Thanh Ha town is far from the center of Hai Duong city, there still are polite restaurants with good service quality and low prices.

Sen Hong Restaurant on 25-5 street has four storeys with a total floor area of 1,300 m2. Thuy, owner of the restaurant, said 500 guests could be served in groups or separate rooms at the same time. The material facilities of the restaurant are new, spacious, and modern.

Hoang Anh Hotel (Thanh Ha town) is rather modern

Sen Hong Restaurant mainly offers countryside dishes. The owner’s family raises chicken and grows vegetables on their own. Despite such quality, servings there are really cheap with each serving only priced at VND150,000 – 200,000.

On the top floor of the restaurant are coffee and karaoke services.

There also are many good quality hotels and guesthouses ready to serve tourists in Thanh Ha town.

Hoang Anh Hotel has two facilities in area 7, Thanh Ha district (by provincial road 390) with 36 rooms 20 – 50 m2 in area. The bedrooms of the hotel are equipped with many modern devices and good security and fire prevention and fighting systems. It costs VND200,000 - VND350,000 to stay there each day.

To best serve and make a good impression on visitors to the Hai Duong – Thanh Ha Thieu Lychee Festival 2018, Thanh Ha town authorities have actively mobilized people, especially restaurants and hotels providing accommodation services, to behave culturally and wholeheartedly support and inform tourists in case of need.


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