Getting rich from hi-tech agriculture

WEDNESDAY, 21/07/2021 09:38:57

Many farmers in Hai Duong province's Gia Loc district have become well-off thanks to active application of high technology to agricultural production and product quality improvement.

Pham Tran commune has the largest area of poly and net houses in Gia Loc district

Great profits

With the largest cultivation area in poly houses in Pham Tran commune, Phung Thanh Ut's family annually makes a profit of more than VND1 billion. With well-off family life, he has built a large beautiful house and bought a luxury car.

In 2017, after having learnt from experience in applying high technology to agricultural production in Cam Giang district, he spent about VND1.5 billion in making 5,000 m2 of poly houses.

In 2018, an enterprise cooperated with him on cantaloupe cultivation. The firm provided seedlings, fertilizers, and technical instructions and underwrote products.

In early years, his family made a profit of about VND500 – 700 million. Then, he expanded the cultivation area in poly houses, which has exceeded 7,500 m2 so far.

Each year, his family sells nearly 100 tons of cantaloupes and cucumbers. On seasonal occasions, Ut has to hire dozens of local laborers.

Ut said cultivation in poly houses was 5-6 times more profitable than traditional production. "We apply the company's technical process to production, which is very demanding and meticulous from the automatic watering system to plant care, water and soil sampling. Plants grown in poly houses are hardly wormy but outstandingly productive," said Ut.

Phung Thanh Cong and his wife in Pham Tran commune started applying high technology to agricultural production in 2019. To date, his family has had about 7,000 m2 of poly houses.

Each year, his family grows three crops of cantaloupe and one crop of cucumber. All harvested products are underwritten by enterprises, so he is very assured of production. He annually harvests around 35 – 40 tons of melon and makes a profit of VND600 – 700 million.

Inevitable direction

Many farmers make an annual profit of VND200 million – more than VND1 billion thanks to application of high technology to agricultural production

The resolution of the 26th Party Congress of Gia Loc district for the 2020 – 2025 tenure continues to define hi-tech agricultural development as the key task in agricultural production to bring about high economic value.

The district authorities advocate the support of VND100,000 for each square meter of poly houses and VND50,000 for each square meter of net houses.

Specialized divisions and boards, commune and district town authorities have actively mobilized and encouraged farmers to actively apply advanced and modern production methods.

Deputy Head of the district Division of Agriculture and Rural Development Tang Thi Hanh said cultivation in poly and net houses remedies weather-caused disadvantages, limits pestilent insects, and reduces costs and the use of plant protection drugs.

Agricultural products are smoothly sold with the production value reaching VND1 – 1.5 billion/ ha/ year. Therefore, the cultivation area in poly and net houses in the locality has rapidly increased year by year. Since early this year, more than 30,000 m2 of poly and net houses have been added in the district.

There are about 150,000 m2 of poly and net houses in the district, mostly in Pham Tran commune, followed by the communes of Toan Thang, Nhat Tan, Doan Thuong, etc. These areas are mainly used to grow cantaloupes and cucumbers.



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