Hai Duong City: 16 OCOP participating products are evaluated to rank 4 stars

MONDAY, 30/11/2020 22:12:11

Hai Duong City OCOP Product Rating Council has evaluated and ranked 4 stars for 16 products of the city registering to participate in OCOP in 2020.

Producing mung bean cake at Viet Huong Joint Stock Company
The products include four types of ice cream: chocolate, pearl milk tea, mung beans, young coconut of Binh Duong Ice Cream Joint Stock Company; Three types of mung bean cakes: lotus seed, durian, Gac of Viet Huong Joint Stock Company; Three types of green bean cake: traditional, green tea, fruit  and nutritious mung bean powder, green bean tea with coconut milk of Hoang Giang Joint Stock Company; One-tan peanut candy, copra cake of Ha Chi Food Processing Single Member Limited Company; Kinh Mon HD Plus Garlic and HD Kids Garlic of Hai Duong Cosmetic Pharmaceutical Company Limited. All the production entities have documents proving the origin of raw materials, food safety and hygiene, certificates, business plans ... to convince the Rating Council. Any products, if ranked 3 stars or higher, will be eligible for participating in the provincial level ranking.

In 2019, Hai Duong City had four OCOP products being recognized by the provincial People's Committee as 4 stars, one product as 3 stars.



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