Kinh Mon targets 3rd-grade urban area title

WEDNESDAY, 07/07/2021 15:38:58

With the aim to become a 3rd-grade urban area before 2025, Kinh Mon provincial town authorities have proactively planned and prepared resources to meet unattained criteria.

A versatile gymnasium about to be put into use in Kinh Mon provincial town

Careful review and assessment

To effectively build a 3rd-grade urban area, Kinh Mon provincial town authorities have organized review, assessment, and comparison with regulations on criteria of a 3rd-grade urban area.

The result of review shows the achievement of all norms for the suburban area. In the 2021 – 2025 period, the provincial town should improve the quality to get the maximum point upon assessment for urban upgrading.

Regarding inner wards, Kinh Mon provincial town has satisfied 36 out of 51 norms of five criteria, in which 34 norms exceed the standard scores and two meet standards.

"The assessment of criteria and the level of achieving each norm is an important first step in the process of the provincial town's building of a 3rd-grade urban area," said Tran Van Tuyen, Deputy Head of the Urban Management Division of Kinh Mon provincial town.

"Based on this assessment, we will focus on meeting the unattained norms as well as determining the completion level of the achieved ones to continue upgrading for further improvement in the coming time."

Over the past years, the provincial town has obtained an average annual economic growth rate of 11.8%. The economic structure has been positively shifted towards gradually increasing the proportions of industry, services, and trade and decreasing that of agriculture.

Per capita income in 2020 reached VND67.5 million, VND16.74 million higher than the national average income.

Non-agricultural workers account for nearly 72% of the total number of laborers in the provincial town.

Together with economic norms, there have also been certain results in criteria on the level of infrastructure development and urban landscape architecture.

In the provincial town, there are three healthcare facilities, namely the Medical Center of Kinh Mon provincial town, Nhi Chieu Hospital, and Phuc Thanh General Clinic, 23 ward and commune medical stations, and seven private clinics meeting people's needs for medical examination and treatment.

There also are many cultural works in the provincial town, such as the provincial town Cultural center, Nguyen Dai Nang square, a versatile gymnasium, the central stadium, Hoang Thach Versatile Gymnasium, Hoang Thach stadium, etc.

Focus on unattained norms

Bach Dang commune authorities enlarge roads in Kim Loi hamlet to meet people's travel needs

Kinh Mon provincial town has not met 15 norms on annual population growth rate; urban population density; traffic density; rate of hazardous waste treated, destroyed, and safely buried after treatment; regulations on urban architecture management; etc.

To satisfy the unattained norms in the journey of building a 3rd-grade urban area, the provincial town authorities have made a specific plan for each criterion.

The local authorities are accelerating the adjustment of a master plan for construction of the provincial town until 2040 with a vision to 2050 and a plan for land use until 2030 suitable to the actual development of the provincial town.

In the construction of a 3rd-grade urban area, investment in improving the norms on infrastructure and urban landscape architecture plays an important role and is a prerequisite factor changing the provincial town's appearance.

Therefore, Kinh Mon authorities will heighten the quality of these norms; build key social works to create an urban space such as a central cultural house, work items of a sports complex of the provincial town as planned, a central park, flower gardens, parks, pedestrial paths in residential areas, etc.; expand and upgrade the provincial town Medical Center and encourage the development of private medical facilities to improve the quality of medical examination and treatment in the area; and speed up site clearance for and the construction of a commercial service area in Quang Thanh commune, a trade center in An Luu ward, a coach station in the center of the provincial town, supermarkets, and other trade centers towards civilization and modernization.

To better handle environmental issues, Kinh Mon provincial town authorities will focus on building a centralized waste dump and a waste treatment plant in the time to come.

Besides, the local authorities will also construct funeral homes, make a detailed construction plan as a basis to step by step invest on cemetery infrastructure, etc.

It will cost Kinh Mon provincial town an estimated VND1,992 billion to satisfy the criteria of a 3rd-grade urban area, including nearly VND1,027 billion from the budget, and investors will be called on to contribute the rest.

The provincial town authorities will plan 35 residential and urban areas to auction land use rights.

With clear determination of the unattained criteria and specific planning, Kinh Mon will definitely fulfill the goal of becoming a 3rd-grade urban area as planned.



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