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Meeting International Biology Olympiad silver winner

THURSDAY, 02/08/2018 16:04:47

This is the first year Hai Duong has had a pupil winning an International Biology Olympiad silver.

Hoang Van Dong always busies himself with accumulating biological knowledge. Photo: Thanh Chung

He is Hoang Van Dong in Cay hamlet, Long Xuyen commune (Binh Giang), a former pupil of Nguyen Trai Senior High School (SHS) for Gifted Pupils (Hai Duong city).

From passion...

Dong noticed the special attraction of biology the first time he learnt it at junior high school.

"The more biological books I read, the more I am interested. Knowledge of the subject is always related to each other. In addition to learning in classes and from textbooks, I have read a lot of books related to biology and animals to accumulate more knowledge," shared Dong. 

Due to the passion for biology, Dong decided to took the entrance exam to the biological class of Nguyen Trai SHS for Gifted Pupils.

Through three years of SHS, together with knowledge learnt from teachers, Dong was always assiduous in further accumulation.

Thanks to the diligence, he made remarkable academic achievements with two times winning the second prize of the provincial contest of solving mathematical problems in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology with handheld calculators for high school and continuing education pupils, two times snatching the second prize of the provincial good pupil selection contest, two times securing the second prize of the contest "Schools for gifted pupils in Northern coastal and delta regions," two times grabbing the second prize of the national contest for pupils good at biology, etc.

"Because I always won second prizes in contests, my classmates nicknamed me "silver" Dong," Dong humorously said.

... to Olympiad silver

After having been summoned to the national team to participate in the International Biology Olympiad, Dong had to focus on learning at Ha Noi - Amsterdam SHS for Gifted Pupils. It was quite hard for him to deal with a busy timetable and a lot of knowledge while there was not much time for revision.

With his effort, Dong outdid more than 20 teammates to ensure a berth in the top group with three other teammates to attend the International Biology Olympiad in Iran.

"At the awarding ceremony, the organizers read the names of over 120 bronze and silver prize winners but not any of our team, so everyone was worried. Finally, they mentioned the Vietnamese team with me winning the silver prize and my teammates grabbing the gold prize," said Dong.

Not only happy to grab the prize, Dong also made friends with many people with the same passion for biology. "Since returning home, we have still communicated with each other by Facebook and email," Dong joyfully said.

With the love for biology and such achievements, "silver" Dong wants to become a pharmaceutical researcher to be able to make many kinds of vaccines because to him, prevention is better than cure.

Dong has received overseas scholarships. To have time to practice English more, he has applied for reservation of the scholarships and one-year learning at the University of Science (Vietnam National University, Ha Noi) before studying abroad.



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