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Thanh Dong University pledges to ensure employment, income for all graduates

THURSDAY, 14/03/2019 09:00:35

2019 is the first year Thanh Dong University has pledged to introduce jobs to all graduates with a salary level 1.5 times higher than the regional minimum salary level prescribed by the State.

In case of failure, the university will refund all tuition to the graduates.

In addition, the university arranges work from Monday to Friday at enterprises with a wage of VND3.9 - 4.1 million/ month for students registering to learn on Saturday and Sunday.

Regular students are arranged to be on probation four months/ year at businesses with a salary of VND3.9 - 4.1 million/ month.

During the learning period, students are entitled to stay in the dormitory for free.

Apart from 12 specialities in the previous year, this year, Thanh Dong University will recruit students for three new specialities, namely pharmacy, traditional medicine, and law.

This year, the university will recruit 1,500 university students and 200 college ones through results of the national senior high school exam and senior high school reports (the total score of three 12th-grade subjects in each admission group reaches 18 points or more, and the score of each subject must be at least five points).

The university will receive dossiers in two phases: July 10 - September 15 and September 16 - November 30.



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