Musicians release songs praising love to celebrate Valentine's Day

THURSDAY, 13/02/2020 08:22:05

Several Vietnamese musicians have recently released new music videos and CD reflecting faces of love to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Singer Duc Phuc has released a new song Hon Ca Yeu (More than Love) praising the beauty and sweetness of love. Photo courtesy of the artist

Singer Huong Giang’s new music video Tang Anh Cho Co Ay (The Betrayal of Love) ranked No 1 on trending on YouTube in Viet Nam two hours after its release. It has earned more than 15.3 million views since its release day on Saturday.

The pop ballad is composed by Hua Kim Tuyen, who has written hits for several famous singers like Thu Minh, Toc Tien, Duc Phuc and Truc Nhan. The song has a gentle and sad melody, while its lyrics are about the sorrow of a woman facing the betrayal of her lover.

Giang invited director Kawaii Tuan Anh to film her 12-minute MV. 

"The song is great. Its melody is sad. Its MV is like a short story about love and betrayal, especially the strength of the woman to have a better life," a YouTube user Giang Bui wrote.

Giang became known after being in the top four of Vietnam Idol, the Vietnamese version of singing reality show American Idol, in 2012.

She won the 2018 Miss International Queen, the world's beauty pageant for transgender women hosted by Thailand. 

She also stars in the movie Sac Dep Doi Tra (The Drama Queen) which is expected to be released this month.

Singer Duc Phuc asked famous composer Khac Hung to write the pop song Hon Ca Yeu (More than Love) praising the beauty and sweetness of love.

“My song has simple lyrics about love but carries a sincere melody. I hope my song is a way to transfer your words of affection it to your lover on Valentine’s Day,” said Phuc, winner of The Voice of Viet Nam, a Vietnamese version of the American singing reality show The Voice, in 2015.

The 23-year-old singer released the song’s teaser last Sunday, attracting 351,000 listeners. 

Xuan Hao, one of Viet Nam’s leading vocalists in chamber music, has released his new CD Ban Tinh Tram (Song of Blue Love) to mark Valentine’s Day.

The CD consists of eight everlasting love songs by great Vietnamese composers like Lam Phuong, Tran Thien Thanh, Pham Duy, Doan Chuan-Tu Linh and Ngo Thuy Mien.

The CD sold 2,000 copies on the release day on February 7.

“I believe that although all songs contain sad love stories, they feature the beauty of love,” said Hao, who rose to fame after winning first prize at the Sao Mai – Rendezvous national singing contest in 2009.

He added that most of the songs on the CD are his wife’s favourite. So the CD was his gift to his wife and the public for Valentine’s Day.



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