Vietnamese thriller film to open for Halloween

MONDAY, 25/05/2020 08:51:56

The thriller Song Song (Two Faces) about a married woman who loses her memory after a traffic accident will be released in cinemas during the Halloween holiday.

Actress Nha Phương performs in Song Song (Two Faces), a thriller that will hit cinemas this Halloween. Photo courtesy of the producer

The story of the film, directed by Nguyen Huu Hoang, refers to "the butterfly effect", a hypothetical situation that illustrates how small initial differences may lead to large unforeseen consequences over time.
The film stars Nha Phương who won the Golden Kite Award for Best Featured Film Actress in 2019 by the Viet Nam Cinematography Association.

Phuong, who plays a wife and mother of a five-year-old daughter, finds that she can travel back in time. She attempts to change the present by changing her past behavior, and sets things right for herself and her husband and daughter. But there are unintended consequences for all. 

Singer and actor Truong The Vinh plays her husband.    

According to unofficial sources, the film’s director and his producers spent a lot of money to invite Phuong to perform who had interrupted her career for one year to have a baby.
Phuong’s fans hope that Song Song will cause her career to reach new heights.

“I hope Phuong will have a new and different image in the industry, instead of working on comedies and light fare,” said Tran The Phong of Tien Giang Province, a fan of Phuong's.

“In recent years, thrillers from Hollywood and South Korea have earned big profits in ticket sales in Viet Nam. I believe in the success of Song Song at the box office,” he said.

Phuong began her career in 2012 after graduating from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Theatre & Cinematography.

She has played leading roles in more than 40 TV shows and movies, including blockbusters such as Yeu Di Dung So (Kiss and Spell), Qua Tim Mau (Blood Heart) and Loi Bao (In the Storm).
She has won several top prizes for best featured film actress and favourite actress presented by prestigious TV stations and magazines, including Ho Chi Minh Television and Nguoi Lao Dong (Laborer) newspaper.

She was invited as a producer to join the Cannes Film Festival 2018 to screen her short film, Infill & Full, at Festival Corner. Her 14-minute film is about a Vietnamese woman who emigrates illegally to the UK.

“I met and had many experiences with filmmakers at Cannes 2018. I hope to use this to develop my career,” said the 30-year-old.



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