Folk games of Quat Temple Festival restored

MONDAY, 24/09/2018 11:02:40

This autumn's Quat Temple Festival is taking place from September 23 – 25 (the 14th – the 16th day of the 8th lunar month).

Mr. Bui Huu Uyen, Member of the Provincial Party Committee's Standing Board, Head of the Provincial Party Committee's Inspection Board, and a leader of Gia Loc district offer incense in commemoration of famous general Yet Kieu

A new feature of the festival is that apart from methodical traditional ceremonies, the organizers have restored the hop feast contest and the chieng swimming tournament. This is a basis to form a scientific dossier requesting the State to recognize the Quat Temple Festival as part of the national intangible cultural heritage.

Quat Temple in Ha Bi hamlet, Yet Kieu commune (Gia Loc) is a worshipping place of Yet Kieu – a famous general who had a special talent for swimming and diving and was given great credit for helping the Tran dynasty rout Yuan-Mongol invaders.

He was conferred many titles on by kings of Tran and other dynasties.

The Quat Temple Festival has been preserved for more than seven centuries to commemorate and express gratitude to famous general Yet Kieu for his great merit; conserve and develop unique intangible cultural value; and meet people's need to exercise religious activities.


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