Kylin – dragon festival held for first time at Quat temple festival

FRIDAY, 13/09/2019 10:10:44

The People's Committee of Yet Kieu commune (Gia Loc) on September 12 morning opened Quat temple festival and celebrated the 777th birth anniversary of famous general Yet Kieu (1242 – 2019).

Numerous locals and visitors offer incense in commemoration of famous general Yet Kieu
This year's Quat temple festival is taking place from September 11 – 14 (the 13th – 16th day of the 8th lunar month).

The 1st kylin – dragon festival of Gia Loc district lures four clubs in the district

This is the first year a kylin – dragon festival has been organized with the participation of four clubs and booths of baluts and poultry breeders – staple products of the locality – have been arranged at the festival.

Kylin – dragon clubs offer many spectacular dance performances

The ceremonial part consists of proclamation, statue bathing, incense offering, and festival opening.

Locals and visitors are interested in a performance of Cam Dinh Duong kylin – dragon club

The festive part includes a traditional boat race, a volleyball tournament, traditional martial art performances, folk games like catching ducks on land and loaches in jars, quan ho (love duet) and van (spiritual) singing, etc.

People visit a booth of baluts and poultry breeders

The 2019 Yet Kieu commune boat race is very exciting



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