Provincial Taxation Department creates favorable conditions for taxpayers

SUNDAY, 23/09/2018 21:33:47

Over the past time, the Hai Duong Provincial Taxation Department (PTD) has taken many measures to support and create favorable conditions for enterprises to perform tax declaration and payment procedures.

The eTax service system has greatly benefited enterprises. In the photo: A tax official guides a taxpayer on how to use the eTax service system

The tax sector's efforts are being appreciated by the provincial business community.

E-tax payment rate reaches 96%

Nguyen Ngoc Hoan, Head of the PTD's Division of Propaganda and Taxpayer Support, said over the past time, his unit had taken a lot of measures to promote administrative reform in general and tax-related administrative procedure processing in particular.

The sector has intensified propaganda and support related to tax laws, applied the one-stop mechanism, and coordinated with other sectors to implement the inter-level one-stop mechanism.

The tax sector also pays special attention to application of information technology, free supply, guidance of businesses and taxpayers on how to use a lot of software such as online tax declaration and payment, exchange information via the sector's portal, etc.

To improve the effectiveness of information technology applications, the PTD has launched many emulation movements, assigned specific norms to district taxation sub-departments, and ordered functional divisions to monthly evaluate e-tax payment results.

To date, the successful rate of e-tax payment registration has reached 97%, 95% of documents have been transacted through e-tax payment, and the amount of electronically-paid taxes have accounted for 96% of the total taxes paid to the State budget.

Last May, the PTD officially launched eTax service system software in Hai Duong.

Enabling taxpayers to access and manage all e-tax services in a single system instead of logging in various applications as before, the software is supported and appreciated by the business community.

In order to assist and create the best conditions for startups, the PTD has coordinated with the Department of Planning and Investment to receive business establishment registration dossiers, give results, and grant tax codes to enterprises.

The tax sector has also jointly given tax handbooks to newly-established businesses. The handbooks summarize basic and initial tax policies and offer instructions on regulations and taxes that enterprises need to declare and pay to the budget, thereby helping startups be fully confident during production and business and reduce mistakes in the course of tax law observance right from the time of establishment.

Good assessment by businesses

Staff members of the General Affairs – Professional Competence – Estimation Division (Provincial Taxation Department) guide enterprises on a Saturday working day

The measures of the provincial tax sector have contributed to reducing travel time and accrued expenses of enterprises and helping the PTD innovate and improve the efficiency of tax management in line with the sector's reform and modernization programs and strategies.

Directly implementing tax-related procedures for her company, Hoang Thi Som, chief accountant of Shinyang Vietnam Co., Ltd. (expanded Dai An industrial park), said: "The tax sector has organized training and answered questions in groups like startups, State-owned enterprises, foreign-invested businesses, etc.

"Especially, the establishment of business groups for support through Zalo is very effective.

"Tax-related questions of enterprises will be supported and answered immediately by tax officials or other companies more experienced.

"Businesses do not have to spend time traveling but their problems are still solved."

Many businesses appreciate the efficiency of working on the last Saturday of every month which has been conducted by the tax sector over the past time.

According to the PTD, since overtime work on Saturday began, more than 100 opinions and problems of enterprises and taxpayers have been promptly addressed by leaders of the PTD and specialized divisions.

Assessing the eTax service system of the tax sector, Luong Thi Tam, chief accountant of Tongway Co., Ltd. in Lai Cach town (Cam Giang), said the system was really useful to enterprises.

"We only have to log in the system to use all services and manage tax dossiers without changing website addresses or logging in the system again.

"This helps enterprises easily take all steps of tax declaration, payment, and refund and look up tax dossiers and obligations.

"As for large-scale enterprises, the system also makes responsibility control among members more flexible and effective," stressed Tam.

To continue creating favorable conditions for taxpayers and positively contributing to improving the investment and business environment, in the coming time, the PTD will continue review, report the abolishment of cumbersome administrative procedures to the General Department of Taxation, and promote e-tax payment and application of information technology to tax management.

The provincial tax sector will take drastic measures to realize the project "Improving the provincial competitiveness index in the 2017 – 2020 period."



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