Infection spread at businesses easily understandable

SATURDAY, 29/06/2019 10:42:55

Since early this year, infectious diseases have occurred complicatedly at many businesses in Hai Duong province.

Reporter Huyen Trang of the Hai Duong Newspaper has interviewed Deputy Director of the Provincial Center for Disease Control Nguyen Dinh Thuc about the cause of this situation.

- There have been two measles outbreaks at Golden Star Co., Ltd. and a branch of Sumidenso Vietnam Co., Ltd. (both in Ninh Giang district) and one dengue case at Hong Duong Co., Ltd. (Hai Duong city). Are these abnormal happenings?

- Dengue cases occasionally occur every year, but the cycle of measles is 4 - 5 years.

Measles was virtually controlled in the past but has appeared in not only children but also adults in recent years.

Those vaccinated a long time ago, making antibody levels reduce, are also likely to contract the diseases.

Because adults are also at high risk of catching the diseases, such outbreaks and infectious case happened at the enterprises. This is not unusual.

- How are outbreaks and infectious cases at businesses handled?

- The treatment is basically the same as when epidemics occur in localities, but there are some specific characteristics.

Regarding outbreaks and cases in localities, the Provincial Steering Board for Prevention and Control of Dangerous Human Epidemics only needs to summon local steering boards for epidemic prevention and control for propaganda, environmental treatment, additional vaccination, etc.

As for enterprises, the Provincial Steering Board must have letters of introduction and then work with local steering boards for prevention and control of dangerous human epidemics and representatives of leaders and medical workers of the businesses.

The complicated and time-consuming procedures and principles partly affect the process of epidemic prevention and control.

- Were complicated developments of infectious diseases at a number of enterprises caused by loose coordination between business and local health? Are there any enterprises neglecting or refusing coordination in epidemic prevention and control?

- There are very few health workers at enterprises. Big businesses have medical rooms with a lot of people in charge, but small ones often have only one medical worker to diagnose common cases with simple tools like sphygmomanometers, thermometers, etc. Therefore, it is very difficult to detect infectious cases. Practically, only a few enterprises report infectious cases at their companies to specialized bodies, which is mainly done by local health authorities. Only when delegations process procedures to come for work do some businesses know there are sick employees.

Workers of companies come from various localities. After work, they return to their place of residence; hence, it is difficult to monitor residential areas.

Since the operation of production equipment must be ensured, environmental treatment is usually carried out in surrounding or outer areas.

Regarding diseases able to be prevented by vaccines, the best way to handle outbreaks is vaccination aside from propaganda to raise awareness and taking of preventive measures.

Enterprises have been recommended to take these measures, but whether they realize them or not depends on themselves.

By June 26 morning, the branch of Sumidenso Vietnam Co., Ltd. had not vaccinated its workers against measles. Earlier, Golden Star Co., Ltd. also did not immunize its employees against measles as recommended. Therefore, it is understandable for the outbreaks to record more infectious cases.

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