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FRIDAY, 11/01/2019 15:37:10

Over the past time, Ninh Giang district authorities have taken a lot of measures to facilitate businesses' investment in the district.

Hong Phuc - Hung Long industrial complex has been filled. In the photo: Hai Anh Garment JSC.'s garment producing and processing factory No. 2

As a result, the district lured an additional 11 projects in 2018, marking a considerable increase in investment attracted to the district.

Number of projects rises by over 3.5 times

In 2018, Ninh Giang district continuously received good news about investment attraction with many projects approved by the Provincial People's Committee.

Last year, Ninh Giang lured 11 projects with a total investment of over VND300 billion, more than 3.5 times higher than the number of projects in 2017.

Of these 11 projects, there were eight projects in Nghia An and Hong Phuc - Hung Long industrial complexes (IC).

In September 2018, Hai Anh Garment JSC. in Binh Minh commune (Binh Giang) was approved by the Provincial People's Committee to build a factory producing and processing garments No. 2 with an annual scale of more than 20.4 million products in Hong Phuc - Hung Long IC.

Using more than 4.9 ha of land, the project had a total investment of over VND202.7 billion. This is the first approved project in the IC.

After the project, the investment of many other projects in Hong Phuc - Hung Long IC was also permitted by the Provincial People's Committee, such as Vinamode Co., Ltd.'s leather shoes, leather handbags and gloves factory, Fourwell Global Trading and Investment Co., Ltd.'s export garment factory, Georgle Gloria Co., Ltd.'s garment and electronic products factory, etc.

Head of the District Natural Resources and Environment Division Ha Minh Quang said there are two ICs covering a total area of 100 ha in the district.

To date, Hong Phuc - Hung Long IC has been filled since establishment more than two years ago. The filling rate of Nghia An IC has reached about 40%, double 2017's figure.

The projects are being actively implemented by investors. Many works are under construction after site clearance.

Creating favorable business and investment environment

MAA - VENUS Company's Mastina Export Garment Factory was built and put into operation more than one year after investment approval
Vice Chairman of the Ninh Giang District People's Committee Ha Van Nghi said the district authorities always pay attention to and create all favorable conditions for investors to come, learn about investment, and execute projects.

The district authorities encourage businesses to invest in the ICs and areas planned for industrial and service development.

Attention is always paid to effectively managing and exploiting the approved socio-economic development plans.

Every year, the district authorities generally review socio-economic development plans and new-style rural building plans in communes and work out local or detailed adjustment plans to suit local reality. All plans are publicized for enterprises to promptly grasp and study investment.

Over the past time, Ninh Giang district authorities have taken a lot of synchronous measures and always define site clearance as an important stage to accelerate the implementation progress of projects.

In 2017, the District People's Committee established the District Site Clearance Council in place of the site clearance council of each project in the past.

The council is responsible for clearing the grounds of all new works and projects, gathering compensation and site clearance to one point, and determining the role and responsibility of each person.

When there were investors coming to make enquiries, the council coordinated with the local authorities to hold meetings with locals and propagandize the purpose and meaning of projects, thus creating consensus among the people when the businesses invested.

Besides, during project implementation, the local authorities always have plans to support the assurance of traffic safety, security, and order for enterprises to have peace of mind to realize their projects.

With active assistance of appropriate and local authorities, approved projects have favorable conditions for implementation and operation.

In 2017, MAA - VENUS Company invested in Mastina Export Garment Factory project in Nghia An IC. In March 2018, the project was adjusted for the first time.

As a rule, investors must put projects into operation within 30 months from the date of the first approval of investment. Nonetheless, just over one year later, the work was built and put into operation.

Appreciating the district authorities' support for investors, Director of Hai Anh Garment JSC. Vu Xuan Hai said: "Thanks to the assistance and facilitation of authorities at all levels and people's consensus, our company's project in Hong Phuc - Hung Long IC was implemented very quickly. Aside from shortened dossiers and administrative procedures, site clearance was done fairly professionally by the district authorities. Therefore, our garment producing and processing project was carried out only three months after investment approval."


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