10 Outstanding Events in the Province in 2020

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The success of the 17th Provincial Party Congress; the completion of many major projects; the operation of the biggest FDI project ... are outstanding events in Hai Duong in 2020.

Great success of the 17th Provincial Party Congress 

The leaders of the province voted for the 17th Hai Duong provincial Party Committee for the 2020-2025 tenure

The leaders of the Province voted for the Executive Board of the 17th Hai Duong Provincial Party Committee, 2020-2025 term

Being solemnly held for 3 days from 25th to 27th October 2020 in the Eastern Land Culture Center, the 17th Provincial Party Congress of 2020-2025 term was a great success.

The Congress passed a resolution determining the directions, goals, 3 breakthroughs, 3 key projects and many development tasks and solutions for the 2020-2025 period, orientating towards 2030. With a further vision, a greater determination and aspirations, the Congress has determined the goal to become an industrial province towards modernization in 2025, and a modern industrial province by 2030, creating a foundation for Hai Duong to soon become a centrally run city.

The Congress elected a full number of 52 comrades to the Executive Board of the 17th Provincial Party Committee of 2020-2025 term by an unanimous vote; elected a delegation including 22 official delegates and 1 alternative delegate to attend the 13th National Party Congress.

Previously, the Standing Committee of the provincial Party Committee had directed the successful organization of the Party Congress at grassroots and higher levels.

After the Congress, the Executive Board of the Provincial Party Committee soon issued the Action Program to implement the 17th provincial Party Congress Resolution, demonstrating the high determination to bring the Resolution to life.

The 5th provincial National Emulation Congress

The 5th Patriotic Emulation Congress of the province, held on 30th September with the participation of 280 advanced typical representatives from various fields, continued to affirm the great value and important contribution of the provincial emulation movements to the cause of socio-economic development, security and defense assurance; praised and honored the outstanding and excellent collectives and individuals at all levels, sectors and all classes of people. In order to speed up the patriotic emulation movement in the 2020 - 2025 period, the whole province has launched an emulation movement with the theme "Solidarity, Innovation, Creativity, Emulation to build Hai Duong into a fast and sustainably developed province".

Completion of many great works

May Bridge during the opening day for traffic

In 2020, Hai Duong has completed many important works of great significance to promote the local socio-economic development, such as the North-South trunk road (phase 1), from the intersection with National Highway 38B to the provincial road 392, May bridge, Eastern Land Culture Center, the access road linking Han bridge to Highway 37.

In 2020, Hai Duong also cooperated with Hai Phong city to commence  a number of interprovincial traffic projects such as Dinh bridge, Quang Thanh bridge; coordinated with Quang Ninh province to speed up the construction progress and complete the works of Trieu bridge and access roads.

Prosperity of Agriculture and Rural Areas 

Despite economic difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic, agriculture and rural areas still prospered. In 2020, the value of agricultural production of Hai Duong reached 19,030 billion VND, increasing by 2.3% compared to the plan and 7.1% compared to 2019. This is also the highest growth rate of the agricultural sector since 2011 up to now. The  movement to build New Countryside in the province has also achieved many impressive results. By the end of 2020, 100% of the communes met New Countryside standards; 12 districts, towns and cities have fulfilled the criteria of New Countryside, far exceeding the targets set by the 16th provincial Party Congress for the 2015-2020 tenure (over 60% of the communes meeting the New Countryside standards by 2020). In the whole province, there are 29 communes meeting advanced New Countryside standards, 3 communes meeting model New Countryside standards.

The economy faced many difficulties

In 2020, the economy of Hai Duong has encountered many difficulties due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Gross domestic product (GRDP) in the province increased only by 2.1%, much lower than the expected increase of 8.5% or more. Except for the fact that the value of agricultural production is higher than the year plan and the value of 2019, many other important economic indicators have increased compared to 2019 but still did not reach the plan set forth. Specifically, the value of industrial production increased by 3.5% compared to 2019, but only reached 92.5% of the plan set for 2020. Total retail sales of goods and service revenue increased by 6.4%, reaching 95, 1% of the plan. Total merchandise export turnover increased by 3.8%, reaching 89.4%. Budget revenue was estimated to be VND 16,221.6 billion, meeting 89.6% of the estimate. FDI attraction only reached USD 549 million, equivalent to 63.2% of that in 2019.

The largest FDI project in operation

The turbine and generator system of Machine Assembly No. 1

After nearly 10 years of construction, facing many financial difficulties, many times having to extend the progress, on 24th November, the machine assembly No.1 of Hai Duong BOT Thermal Power Plant was officially connected to the national grid. The plant was built on an area of ​​nearly 200 hectares in Quang Thanh commune (Kinh Mon), with a total investment of about USD 2.2 billion with 2 generator sets of 600 MW/set. This is the largest FDI project in the province so far.

It is expected that after the machine assembly No.2 is officially put into operation at the end of February 2021, each year the plant will provide 7.5 billion kWh for the national grid, helping to overcome the risk of power shortages and promote the socio-economic development of the local province.

Hai Duong has an Official Logo


The provincial logo (logo) was announced by the provincial People's Committee on 8th October 2020. The logo of the province is circular, the bottom is the water wave with the Tran Dynasty three-wave motif symbolizing the negative (-), the top is the shining sun symbolizing the positive (+), the center of the symbol is the triangle of Kiep Bac temple where the Tran Holy Father is worshipped, with the meaning of Yin and Yang harmony of human beings, showing that Hai Duong is a hallowed land where master-mind people are born and gathered.

Drastic control of the Covid-19 pandemic

People in Thanh Xa hamlet, Lien Hong commune (Hai Duong city) were happy when the epidemic has been successfully controlled in the local commune.

With 34 people infected with Covid-19, of which 17 cases were infected in the community, Hai Duong province used to be one of the major epidemic outbreaks of the country when there was a cluster of 16 cases infected in Fresh Cow World restaurant in August 2020. Thanks to the timely and drastic direction and guidance, proactive zoning, urgent tracing, ready for isolation and large scale test, mobilization of the whole political system to join in the epidemic control, promotion of the power of great solidarity of the entire population in epidemic control, Hai Duong has well controlled the epidemic with no death cases, and brought life back to a "new normal" state of epidemic prevention and economic development.

Dismantlement of  many big criminal cases

The provincial police forces dismantled the trillion gambling lines on the internet

In 2020, the provincial police force have dismantled many big criminal cases such as gambling on Luoc river in Hiep Luc commune (Ninh Giang), seizing nearly VND 1.5 billion; destroying 7 establishments lending loans with "exorbitant" interest rates in Thanh Ha district; the case of transporting 3 kilograms and storing 100 grams of synthetic narcotics at the toll booth of Hanoi - Hai Phong expressway (Gia Loc); the police force have also raided two bars in Hai Duong city: Ruby One and Ruby KTV Karaoke, discovering and handling nearly 100 drug- positive people... The functional forces were also determined to prevent and push back the illegal sand mining; prosecuted and brought many violators to trial.

Traffic accidents reduced in all 3 criteria

2020 is the only year in the 2016-2020 period when traffic accidents in the province have decreased in all 3 criteria. The province had 221 accidents and traffic collisions, killing 176 people and injuring 106 people, decreasing by 23 cases, 34 deaths and 13 injuries compared to 2019. Traffic accidents mainly occurred on roads with 214 cases, killing 173 people and injuring 106 people; decreasing by 17 cases, 28 deaths and 9 injuries. However, there have been 4 particularly serious traffic accidents occurring in the province, increasing by 2 cases compared to the previous year, causing 9 deaths and 3 injuries.

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