High determination and Steadiness for the Goal of Implementing Digital Transformation

FRIDAY, 08/01/2021 08:00:20

On 6th January morning, Hai Duong province, in coordination with FPT Corporation, organized an online conference on Digital Transformation, opportunities and challenges.

Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Pham Xuan Thang spoke at the conference

Speaking to conclude the conference, Comrade Pham Xuan Thang, the provincial Party Committee Secretary affirmed the specially important role and the great opportunities opened by digital transformation. Emphasizing the development strategy of the province is to restructure the economy towards green growth, digital transformation with great goals and aspirations, the Provincial Party Committee Secretary asked the delegates attending the conference to well perform the key tasks set out in the Resolution of the 17th provincial Party Congress; to continue to raise the awareness of the importance and practical effectiveness brought by digital transformation.

The Secretary of the provincial Party Committee requested that, right after the conference, the provincial press agencies to open special pages and special columns, to  regularly propagate so as to raise the awareness of all classes of people about digital transformation to make it deeply penetrate into the awareness, the thinking and turn into actions of each official, party member, citizen and enterprise. The Fatherland Front and the provincial socio-political organizations should propagate digital transformation so that the people, union members, association members understand, respond to and be benefited from digital transformation. Officials, party members, especially leaders and managers must directly propagate and raise the awareness of digital transformation at their own agencies and organizations.

The Party Personnel Board of the provincial People's Committee must instruct the Department of Information and Communications to counsel the provincial authorities to focus on building, implementing effectively and quickly the Resolution on digital transformation in the 2021-2025 period, with an orientation towards 2030. The Resolution was issued in February 2020 and it simultaneously defined the targets for Hai Duong in this tenure: Digital economy; digital government; smart city, smart countryside, smart industrial zone, smart street, smart village; smart citizen, smart social community; Drastically direct and accelerate the implementation of the e-government project, smart cities of Hai Duong province in the 2020-2025 period, with a vision to 2030; Prioritize the construction of the Smart City Operation Monitoring Center, Cyber ​​Security Monitoring Center and Provincial Data Center. Basically implement administrative procedures to reach level 4 online public service in the first quarter of 2021, creating a fundamental change in administrative reform, especially administrative procedure reform to improve the business investment environment. Select to implement the components of smart cities, focusing on implementing digital transformation in enterprises to create a push for development... Right in this January, the province will continue to coordinate with FPT Corporation to hold large scale conferences on digital transformation with large businesses in the province.

Affirming that the workload for the implementation of digital transformation is heavy, the provincial Party Committee Secretary Pham Xuan Thang asked all levels of committees, authorities, agencies, institutions and localities to be highly determined, steadfast for the goal, to have an implementation schedule and quickly get started on specific piece of work. The Secretary of the provincial Party Committee hoped that FPT Corporation and the province would continue to cooperate and expand cooperation in the fields of information technology, digital transformation...




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