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SUNDAY, 21/06/2020 18:03:37

Many loyal readers' sticking to the local Party newspaper is a source of encouragement for journalists in Hai Duong province to avidly go on.

Everyday, Pham Quoc Binh, Vice Chairman of the Hai Duong city Lawyers' Association, (right) and his friends and neighbors read the Hai Duong Newspaper

From professional work serving...

To Trinh Van Bich, former Secretary of the Party Committee of Kim Giang commune, now Cam Giang town, in Cam Giang district, in more than 30 years of working, the Hai Duong Newspaper was a medium efficiently assisting him in leadership, direction, and implementation of local tasks. He hardly missed any issue, especially articles on topical matters in the province.

During the recent mergence of Cam Giang town and Kim Giang commune, thanks to timely information from the newspaper, he firmly grasped the implementation guideline and method to remove difficulties and persuade officials, Party members, and people to agree to execution.

"After mergence, it was difficult to arrange personnel because there were a large number of officials from two localities. I used information from the Hai Duong Newspaper to propagandize guidelines of the provincial Party Committee's Standing Board as well as regulations on regimes and policies, together with the town Party Committee fully grasped and reviewed planning and chose manpower, explained and mobilized officials for arrangement in accordance with regulations," said Bich.

Completing his duties and switching to attending activities at the Party cell of his residential area, Bich still follows up the Hai Duong Online Newspaper by phone everyday due to convenience and faster and faster information.

Vice Chairman of the Hai Duong city Lawyers' Association Pham Quoc Binh spends about an hour a day to read his two favorite newspapers, Hai Duong and Nhan Dan (People). 

He used to be a lecturer of Hung Yen University of Technology and Education, later was transferred to Hai Duong city, and then worked as Secretary of the Party Committee of Tran Hung Dao ward and Deputy Head of the city Party Committee's Board for Popularization and Education.

After retirement, he joined the city Lawyers' Association and worked as Deputy Head of the Nhi Chau ward Party Committee's Board for Popularization and Education.

"I read the newspapers to grasp information and serve work. I have immediately applied many practical contents mentioned in the newspapers to daily work," said Binh.

Le Dinh Cuong, Vice Chairman of the Fatherland Front of Dai Hop commune, Tu Ky district, often looks for good ways in the Hai Duong Newspaper for learning and application to work.

He said thanks to articles in the newspaper, the commune Fatherland Front had found ways to persuade people to make donations to the Fund for Covid-19 Prevention and Control effectively and promptly. 

The local authorities have eradicated the mobilization method of assigning contribution amounts, the results of campaigns are publicized via loudspeakers and at community activity areas, etc.

... to spiritual food

“Through reading the Hai Duong Newspaper, I found great contributions of journalists to Covid-19 prevention and control. Reading the newspaper, I knew the epidemic situation in Thanh Giang, Thanh Mien district; policies of the Party, State, and steering committees at all levels on epidemic prevention and control; examples joining hands to repel the epidemic; etc.,” Binh shared.

Grasping information about epidemic prevention and control, he promptly advised the ward Party Committee to effectively prevent the epidemic.

The newspaper is his indispensable "spiritual food"  as he waits for each issue to be published everyday. For decades, he has always kept the habit of placing newspapers below his table for his friends to read and discuss topical issues together.

Tran Van Do in residential area 17, Ngoc Chau ward, Hai Duong city, likes reading the Hai Duong Newspaper not only for quick and timely information but also for articles on culture, letters, and arts.

Naturally loving cheo (traditional operetta), he reads the newspaper and knows the name of every artist and piece of the provincial Cheo Theatre.

He has taken his descendants to many historical relics in the province. He always brings articles of the Hai Duong Weekly Newspaper on each relic for presentation to his descendants.

The Hai Duong Online Newspaper is frequently accessed by many people by phone and computer. However, the printed version is still a loyal friend of many elderly readers and grassroots officials. Readers’ interest is a great source of encouragement for the local Party newspaper to continue innovation and development.



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