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Diverse Ways of "Measuring" People's Satisfaction

WEDNESDAY, 02/12/2020 08:24:24

Organizations and individuals can evaluate and express their opinions about the service of state administrative agencies (SIPAS) in various ways, via various channels.

Organizations, individuals giving evaluation and feedback on the reception and settlement of administrative procedures via the software system at the provincial Center for the Public Administrative Service
This year, for the first time, the province has included the SIPAS index in the public administrative reform (PAR) index scoring system for departments, sectors and district level People's Committees. As a highlight in the implementation of the PAR tasks, the provincial Center for Public Administrative Service, right after its commencement, has put the satisfaction assessment software into operation. Each organization, each individual coming for transaction can give their own assessment and feedback by clicking on the machine located in each dossier reception counter and the result delivery counter.
The support section of the online public service portal website of the province has the survey and evaluation column for organizations and individuals to give their online evaluation. It’s very easy to use this software when organizations and individuals have the codes issued by the Center for their dossiers that are under processing. Here, people can also choose to participate in online surveys to measure satisfaction.
Many agencies, institutions and localities in the province have publicly listed the names of their standing leaders, cell phone numbers of officials and civil servants or hotline numbers; set up a comment letter box to receive feedbacks and recommendations from organizations and individuals. The annual SIPAS index of the province is ranked high in the country. In 2018, Hai Duong province ranked in the group of 5 localities with highest SIPAS index nationwide. In 2019, the  SIPAS index of the province ranked 5th in the country.
Along with investing in facilities, improving the operation quality of the “One Door” sections, simplifying administrative procedures, the reception and handling of complaints and recommendations from organizations and individuals on the implementation of administrative procedures by state administrative agencies at all levels is one of the main measures towards improving the quality and efficiency of public service activities.
Although there are various forms and diverse channels of collecting comments from people and businesses, formality is still inevitable. Many “One Door” sections distribute survey forms mainly to ensure compliance with the regulations. There’s a phenomenon that officials and civil servants instruct people to tick the appropriate boxes or pay too much attention to the evaluation form, making them no longer retain their objectivity. The distribution and collection of the comment forms right from the time people come to submit their documents do not fully reflect the evaluation of the handling process.
There are still many limitations and shortcomings around the service duties of public administrative agencies that need to be remedied. Thus, the task of improving the SIPAS index is of great importance. This is not only a measure of listening to and receiving opinions from people and businesses, but also a "bank" of solutions for agencies, institutions and localities to renovate the quality of operations. In addition to issuing a variety of forms, agencies need to be more proactive in collecting comments from organizations and individuals. It is even necessary to have officials and channels to listen to and grasp independent opinions so that people can directly reflect and contribute a sincere voice to the operation of the state administrative apparatus. The provincial People's Committee has implemented this approach through publicly announcing cell phone numbers, email addresses, websites ... to receive people's opinions and comments.


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