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Evidence against false allegations

WEDNESDAY, 30/09/2020 15:08:55

In the context of global economic and trade downturn, the Vietnamese economy has still maintained a fairly high average growth rate (about 6%).

In an article titled "Well preparing and organizing the 13th Party Congress and bringing the country to a new development period," after reviewing the country's achievements in the past five years, Party General Secretary and President Nguyen Phu Trong affirmed: "I have repeatedly said with all modesty that we can still affirm that our country now has the best-ever fortune, potential, position, and international prestige."

As cited by the Party General Secretary and President, from a small, poor, and backward country at very low level whose name was almost absent from the world map, Vietnam has emerged to become a developing middle-income nation of nearly 100 million people, set up relations with most countries in the world, and participated in nearly all international organizations and is a trust-worthy and responsible partner and member of the international community.

The mention aims to help us have more faith, excitement, and pride and continues to assert that our path is correct and suitable to objective laws, the reality of Vietnam, and the development tendency of the era; the Party's guidelines are correct and creative; and the Party's leadership is judicious and the leading factor determining all victories of the Vietnamese revolution.

However, hostile forces still constantly sabotage the construction and development of the country. 

Typically, members of "Trieu dai Viet" (Viet Dynasty) were brought to trial on September 21 and 22 by the People's Court of Ho Chi Minh city. The jury handed down adequate sentences to 17 defendants for the same guilt of terrorism to oppose the people’s administration.

It is worth mentioning in this case that many defendants were promised "vain" titles and given money to commit criminal acts at the instigation of a terrorist organization abroad to oppose the people’s administration. When they regretted, it was too late, and in their last words, all defendants asked for commutation of their sentences.

The above case is also one of lessons reminding us to be extremely wary of increasingly sophisticated and sinister conspiracies and tricks of hostile forces, reactionaries, and political opportunists who always sabotage the Vietnamese Party, State, and people hectically.

Before carrying out terrorist and destructive activities, the enemy always uses conspiracies and tricks to influence the mentality and thinking of people as well as officials and Party members. The fight against recession, "self-evolution," and "self-transformation," therefore, is also very difficult.

Reactionary forces have taken advantage of arising socio-economic problems to "discuss" the country building path chosen by the Party, Uncle Ho, and people.

However, they forget many outstanding marks of the country as pointed out by the Party General Secretary and President. For example, in the context of global economic and trade downturn, the Vietnamese economy has still maintained a fairly high average growth rate (about 6%) as one of the fastest growing economies in the region and the world. The society is basically stable, people's lives are increasingly improved...

Many economic and corruption cases, especially big and serious ones, have been detected, investigated, and judged strictly one after another with no prohibited zones and exceptions, creating great deterrence and warnings, which were applauded, appreciated, and supported by officials, Party members, and people. 

Theoretical issues may not be fully understood, but the evidence of the country's achievements is visible to everyone.

Therefore, in the face of the sabotage of hostile forces, the entire Party, army, and people should unanimously join forces and "allow no one to waver" as stressed by the Party General Secretary and President.



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