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Hai Duong Online Newspaper: Decade of construction and development

THURSDAY, 25/04/2019 17:12:23

The Hai Duong Online Newspaper (HDON), formerly known as the electronic information page (EIP) of the Hai Duong Newspaper (HDN), was launched on April 25, 2009.

Mr. Bui Thanh Quyen, then Member of the Party Central Committee, then Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, then Chairman of the Provincial People's Council, and other delegates launch the electronic information page of the Hai Duong Newspaper on April 25, 2009. File photo

Over 10 years of operation, the HDON has well realized its mission as the online newspaper of the province.

Constant development

On April 25, 2009, Mr. Bui Thanh Quyen, then Member of the Party Central Committee, then Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, then Chairman of the Provincial People's Council, pressed the button to launch the EIP of the HDN, marking a new development step of the newspaper.

Together with printed publications, namely Hai Duong dailies, weeklies, and monthlies, the HDN's EIP contributed to improving the quality of propaganda, meeting increasing demands of readers in and outside the province, and promoting the HDN's application of informatics and modernization of journalistic technology.

The HDN's EIP had a modern and reader-friendly interface with three specialized pages: Hai Duong Online, Hai Duong Weekend, and Hai Duong Monthly.

Diverse news on the Hai Duong Online page promptly reflected events of the province, the country, and the world.

Sessions of the Provincial People's Council and Party Executive Committee, the Provincial Party Congresses, dialogues between the provincial leaders and businesses, the youth, students, etc. were propagandized online.

The online exchange column of the Hai Duong Online page was highly interactive.

The Hai Duong Weekend and Hai Duong Monthly pages had their own layouts and were legible.

In October 2012, an English page was added to the HDN's EIP mainly to introduce the province's land, people, cultural tradition, history, tourism, investment attraction policies, etc. This is the only English page providing information about Hai Duong province at present.

The Hai Duong Online page has had video clips since April 2013. The newspaper's video clips are increasingly diverse with higher and higher quality, attracting a lot of viewers. To date, the newspaper has produced nearly 1,000 video clips.

February 25, 2016 marked a new development step as the day the HDN's EIP was officially upgraded to HDON.

Continuing its momentum of development, the HDON ceaselessly renewed both content and form and expanded the publication scale, attached special importance to diffusing topical and important news taking place in the course of the day before printing, and increased live commentaries on major events of the province.

However, after eight years of operation, the HDON showed many limitations like outdated technology and slow access.

Thanks to the provincial authorities' attention, the HDON was officially upgraded in October 2017. A new version completely different from the old one in terms of technology, software, color, column structure, etc. was put into operation.

Reporters and a technician are making a news summary
The new HDON has a nice interface with four specialized pages: Hai Duong Online, Hai Duong Media, Hai Duong Letters and Arts, and Hai Duong News.

The new HDON has a fast access speed, overcomes many limitations of the old version, and is highly interactive with easy lookup.

Articles and video clips of the online newspaper are linked and shared on YouTube and the newspaper's Facebook fanpage, increasing views for the online newspaper.

In addition, the HDON has PC, mobile, and tablet versions for readers to easily access the online newspaper at any time and anywhere.

The Hai Duong Media, Hai Duong Letters and Arts, and Hai Duong News pages have completely new interfaces.

Apart from TV news and reportages, as from March 2018, one news summary and one video clip about the land and people of Hai Duong were produced each week for the Hai Duong Media page.

Since February 2019, the number of weekly news summaries has risen to two.

Averagely, the newspaper produces more than 40 TV news and reportages each month.

Over the past 10 years, thanks to the attention and direction of the Provincial Party Committee, People's Council, and People's Committee and leaders of the province, the HDON has increasingly thrived and become one of the leading online versions of Party newspapers of Northern provinces and cities.

Online newspaper - focus of development

To meet the development trend of the modern press, promptly orient information, contribute to creating social consensus, and serve the industrialization and modernization cause of the province and the country, the HDN intends to switch its pivot of development from the printed version to the online one in the coming time.

This is also an inevitable trend in the period of the 4th industrial revolution with changes in the ways readers and the public access the press.

The online newspaper will continue to be innovated towards multimedia, modernization, and good interaction with readers.

News of the day will be produced and posted on the online newspaper with a lot of photos. Topical articles will also be briefly edited in the style of online newspapers for posting before printing. Video clips about important events will be posted independently or attached to related articles.

The online newspaper software will be upgraded for people to be able to read the printed newspaper on the online one in PDF form. An HDON app will be developed and uploaded to Google Play and App Store.

A chatbot (virtual assistant) is being designed for the newspaper's Facebook fanpage to improve interaction between readers and the HDON.

A number of columns will be added to the online newspaper to meet the needs of readers, especially young ones...


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