First day relics, tourist attractions reopen to visitors

SATURDAY, 02/05/2020 14:54:27

Famous relics and tourist attractions in Hai Duong reopened to visitors on May 1 morning after a temporary closure to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic.

The assurance of visitors' safety at the relics was given top priority.

On May 1, Con Son – Kiep Bac special national relic site welcomed about 4,000 turns of arrivals. Most of them strictly followed anti-epidemic regulations

The Management Board of Con Son – Kiep Bac Relics arranged staff members at ticket booths to measure body temperature and persuade tourists to wear face masks and wash hands before sightseeing and worshiping

This time, the Management Board of Con Son – Kiep Bac Relics did not open the forbidden palace at Kiep Bac temple, Nguyen Trai temple, etc. Visitors only offered incense to outside altars. Staff members of the Management Board always reminded visitors to wear face masks properly

An Phu – Kinh Chu – Nham Duong special national relic complex (Kinh Mon) was quite deserted on the first day of reopening with only a few hundred turns of visitors

Dao Co tourist attraction (Thanh Mien) welcomed about 1,000 arrivals on May 1. Due to the large number of visitors but limited machinery, staff members there could not measure each person's body temperature but only reminded tourists to wear face masks and wash hands before going on board for sightseeing

A large number of storks and night herons coming to Dao Co this time was one of the reasons for the increase of visitors

About 300 – 400 turns of tourists went to Tranh temple relic (Ninh Giang) on May 1

Those wanting to enter the temple to offer incense had to wash their hands with their body temperature measured from the gate. The Relic Management Board arranged 1,000 face masks for free distribution to those in need

Mao Dien temple of literature (Cam Giang) also welcomed only about 100 - 120 visitors on the first day of reopening

Hygiene, epidemic prevention and control, and assurance of tourists' safety at Mao Dien temple of literature and Xua temple - Giam pagoda - Bia temple relic complex were well done. In the photo: A staff member of the Management Board of Mao Dien Temple of Literature cleans worshiping objects with antiseptic alcohol


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