Five sites in Nam Sach recognized as tourist destinations

FRIDAY, 06/09/2019 13:56:36

The Hai Duong Provincial People's Committee has recognized five sites in Nam Sach district as tourist destinations.

Tram Gian pagoda

Those are President Ho Chi Minh memorial site in Nam Chinh commune, Dau communal house and the stele house marking the establishment of the Provincial and Nam Sach Party Committees in Hop Tien commune, Tram Gian pagoda in An Binh commune, Long Dong temple in Nam Tan commune, and Chu Dau pottery village in Thai Tan commune.

These five sites store outstanding local and provincial historical, cultural, and traditional value. Built more than 1,000 years ago in the Dinh dynasty, Tram Gian pagoda still retains many antiques and has unique architecture. Chu Dau pottery village is considered the cradle of Vietnamese pottery...

Nam Sach is the first locality in the province to have submitted a dossier requesting recognition of tourist sites and destinations.

After appraisal, all five sites proposed by the district authorities met criteria to be recognized as tourist destinations.



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