Legend of Vien Tri tutelary god

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Upon arrival in Phan Xa estate, realizing ingenuous customs and poor education, Vien Tri directed the construction of a school there.

Dai Tinh communal house has been restored with imprints of traditional architecture

Dai Tinh communal house in Dai Tinh hamlet, Hoang Dieu commune, Hai Duong province's Gia Loc district, worships Vien Tri, the village's tutelary god who deserves credit for teaching habits and customs and opening a literacy school for locals.

Based on a book of stories of gods written in early spring of the 1st Hong Phuc year (1572), copied in the 6th Vinh Huu year (1737), and currently being kept at the relic, under the Western Han dynasty, in Long Bien of Vietnam, a Quach man got married to a beautiful Ta girl.

In the 1st month of Giap Ngo year, they gave birth to a son named Vien Tri. Upon maturation, Vien Tri was appointed Marquis Lie by the Han king.

After having received orders, he went to districts and hamlets to teach habits and customs. Upon arrival in Phan Xa estate, Tu Ky district, Ha Hong phu (an administrative unit in the old days, more important than a district), Hai Duong province, realizing ingenuous customs and poor education, he directed the construction of a school there.

After only a year, locals understood, admired him, and asked to use the school as a place of worship later. He agreed and gave people money to buy fields and ponds for sacrifice and worship.

On the 25th day of the 10th month of Binh Ngo year, Vien Tri passed away. The king extremely mourned over his meritorious mandarin, sent courtiers for officiation, ordered local people to build a temple, and conferred the Thuong Dang Phuc Than (Supreme Lucky God) title on him.

Apart from Vien Tri tutelary god, the relic also worships two doctors in the Le dynasty, who were natives of Phan Xa estate (now in Hoang Dieu commune), namely Nguyen Tri Khoan and Pham Doan.

A lot of precious antiques are being preserved at the relic, including a wooden statue of Vien Tri tutelary god dating from the 19th century and two stelae Tu Chi Bi Ky and Phoi Vi Bi Ky erected in the 3rd Tu Duc year (1850) and the 5th Thanh Thai year (1893), respectively.

Especially, there are three royal honor-conferring edicts granted by Nguyen kings in the 33rd Tu Duc year (1880), the 2nd Dong Khanh year (1887), and the 3rd Duy Tan year (1909).

The festival of the communal house is held on the 10th and 11th days of every 11th lunar month. At the festival, aside from sacrifice offering at the communal house, there are a number of games like blindman's buff, tug of war, volleyball, table tennis, etc.



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