Nine more provincial historical relics

FRIDAY, 25/01/2019 17:24:17

The Hai Duong Provincial People's Committee has decided to rank nine provincial-level historical relics.

The relics are Tuan Kiet communal house in Hung Thang commune, Vu Thi Ngoc Huyen (Me Goddess) temple in Vinh Hong commune, and Tram Phuc communal house in Thai Hoc commune, Binh Giang district; Vu Thanh communal house in Lac Long commune and Luu Thuong pagoda in Hiep An commune, Kinh Mon district; Ngoc Truc communal house in Ngoc Lien commune and Hoang Xa communal house in Cam Dien commune, Cam Giang district; Thanh Tao pagoda in Le Loi commune, Chi Linh provincial town; and Cap Nhat temple - communal house in Tien Tien commune, Thanh Ha district.

The decisions also specify that relic protection areas are defined according to minutes and the maps of the relic protection areas in records.

The preservation, repair, and restoration of the relics must abide by current regulations.

The use of land in the relic areas must be approved by the chairman of the Provincial People's Committee.



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