Unique Lang Xuyen communal house

WEDNESDAY, 23/09/2020 07:37:50

Lang Xuyen communal house is located in a high and airy area in Lang Xuyen hamlet, Gia Tan commune, Gia Loc district, Hai Duong province.

Lang Xuyen communal house was recognized as a national historical relic in 2005

In front of the house is a lotus well right at the entrance of the village.

According to a record of gods kept there, the communal house was built in the Nguyen dynasty and restored many times. Through events of time, the ancient artistic architecture of the work has still been maintained so far.

The communal house is characterized by ding (丁) architecture with a five-compartment front ceremonial chamber and a four-compartment back chamber.

The front ceremonial chamber has high artistic value with the main structure imbrued with architecture in the Nguyen dynasty.

Especially, the purlin system was arranged in a relatively firm thuong tu ha ngu (four over, five under) form. Supports were shaped like blooming lotuses. The main material of the work, ironwood, is still in good condition.

There remain many highly artistic sculptures bearing traditional architecture and demonstrating the talent of ancient artisans in the front ceremonial chamber, such as soft and lively carvings of chrysanthemum and small bamboos turning into dragons, leaves, etc.

The back chamber is connected to the front ceremonial one. It has a number of fairly beautiful leaf and wicked dragon sculptures made of ironwood.

There remain a lot of precious antiques dating from the Nguyen dynasty at the communal house, such as wooden dai tu (horizontal boards engraved with large Chinese characters), cau doi (pairs of panels inscribed on which are parallel sentences), books, altars, and worshipping trays and beds; stone steles with stories of gods and hau than (meritorious people worshiped with gods); a bronze bell cast in 1933; etc.

Nguyen Duc Noi (85 years old) in Lang Xuyen hamlet said according to stories of gods, the communal house worships the tutelary god of the village called princess Ngoc Thi Quynh Lang (angel).

As recorded, princess Ngoc Thi Quynh Lang was given credit for helping the Trung sisters while setting up an altar at the mouth of the Hat Mon river. 

After having defeated To Dinh, the Trung sisters found it effective and conferred the Hoa Hung Uyen My Chinh Thuc Phu Nhan Thuong Dang Than title on her, which was used to worship her as the tutelary god of the village.

There are festivals at the communal house on the 12th day of every lunar October and the 15th day of every lunar January. The January festival is bigger. The October festival is held to commemorate the day the tutelary god helping the Trung sisters fight the enemy. There are mainly rituals at the event.

With such unique features and preserved value, Lang Xuyen communal house was recognized as a national historical relic in 2005.

In recent years, local authorities and residents have donated effort and property to restoration and expansion of the relic's space, contributing to preserving local cultural values.



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