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Hai Duong press development in digital era

THURSDAY, 21/06/2018 17:55:30

In the age of stormy technological development, the Hai Duong press has constantly exploited and applied effectively means, machinery, software, etc. to develop following the trend of the era.

Editors and a reporter of the Online Newspaper Division (Hai Duong Newspaper) produce a news summary in the newly-built studio. Photo: Thanh Chung

Application of technology to journalism

Once working at an event in Thanh Ha district, reporter Minh Nguyet of the Hai Duong Newspaper used her laptop to write an article. As soon as accessing her agency's electronic editorial office, Nguyet quickly sent the article and photos to the office in just a few simple steps.

"The electronic editorial office software lets me know which stage my article is in and how it has been edited," said Nguyet.

The Hai Duong Newspaper has used electronic office software to send official documents and invitations since 2012 and applied the electronic editorial office software since 2017. The software helps handle work quickly at any time and anywhere and improve working efficiency.

Since 2014, the newspaper has used Google Drive to create a common working group for the editorial office. The propaganda plan of each issue is posted there for leaders, editors, and reporters of the agency to exchange views, reach agreement, and update themselves. Lessons to be learnt are also put up there for everyone to know.

In 2017, thanks to the attention of the provincial Party and People's Committees, the Hai Duong Newspaper upgraded its online newspaper with modern interfaces, fast access, better interactivity with readers, etc.

The various interfaces of the new online newspaper meet the need to read news on each type of device such as computer, tablet, and smartphone.

Apart from increasing the quantity and improving the quality of video clips on the online newspaper, the Hai Duong Newspaper has also produced news summaries in the forms of TV news programs, initially attracting the attention of viewers.

As a newspaper having printed and online versions and video clips, the Hai Duong Newspaper attaches special importance to building a team of multimedia journalists to adapt to the current development trend of the press.

"Along with actively applying new technology, we also pay attention to improving the multimedia journalism qualifications and competence of reporters and editors. We have coordinated with the Media Training Center of the Vietnam Journalists Association to organize many training courses on electronic journalism skills, video clip making, smartphone-based working, exploitation of social networking sites for work, etc.," said Editor-in-chief of the Hai Duong Newspaper Nguyen Hai Binh.

Not only the Hai Duong Newspaper but most press and propaganda agencies in the province have also actively applied technological advances to professional activities.

The provincial Radio and Television has trained and let reporters work on smartphones.

In 2017, the Chi Linh provincial town Radio Station spent VND500 million in building a studio with modern machines.

Computers and software are used in the course of recording and broadcasting programs of the Nam Sach district Radio Station and all radio stations of the district's communes and towns. The district Radio Station has formed one Gmail address for each grassroots radio station to exchange work and send official documents and relevant articles and a shared Gmail address to manage work.

"All articles of commune stations are sent to us by Gmail and vice versa. It takes only minutes to receive them and is no longer time-consuming like before," said Head of the Nam Sach district Radio Station Nguyen Van Ngoc.

Efficient exploitation of social networking sites

The studio of Chi Linh provincial town Radio Station was built in 2017
The development of social networking sites, especially Facebook, Zalo, etc., has brought practical benefits to press agencies in the age of information competition.

The Hai Duong Newspaper has launched its fanpage (Hai Duong 365) on Facebook very early and asked its reporters to share their articles on the online newspaper on their personal pages to further spread information.

Video clips of the online Hai Duong Newspaper are also posted on YouTube.

The agency has required its reporters to frequently grasp information on social networking sites but consider them only initial information sources.

The newspaper used Facebook Messenger to create a working group for the entire agency in 2017, and each division has also created a Messenger group to exchange work and ensure quick and public information.

Head of the Information Division of the provincial Radio and Television Nguyen Thien Tan said in 2015, the station started to post articles with video clips on its website and news programs and columns on its fanpage.

"This has contributed to taking our station's programs to the public at any time and anywhere. Some of our news programs and columns have attracted thousands of views, comments, and shares. We are researching to livestream some entertainment programs, columns, etc.," said Tan.

Head of the Chi Linh provincial town Radio Station Nguyen Thi Minh Chau said after having stopped rebroadcasting the VTV3 channel, the station switched to exploiting Facebook to transmit information (in video format).

News and articles of reporters are perfected and posted on the station's fanpage. The agency's fanpage now has over 12,000 followers. If the news and articles shared by some other sites are taken into account, the number will be much higher.

The application of technology has not only helped press agencies in Hai Duong operate keenly and effectively but also contributed to improving their images and prestige and luring readers and viewers.

"Actually, I rarely read the Hai Duong Newspaper in the past. Since reading an interesting article of the newspaper shared on Facebook, I have accessed the online Hai Duong Newspaper 1 - 2 times almost everyday. I have also shared a lot of articles of the newspaper, especially those related to security and order, on my personal Facebook page," said Nguyen Duc Vinh in Quang Trung ward (Hai Duong city).


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