209 officials, students of Hai Duong Medical Technical University assist Binh Duong in epidemic fighting

MONDAY, 19/07/2021 15:30:38

Hai Duong Medical Technical University on July 18 morning held a dispatch ceremony for volunteer support of Binh Duong province with Covid-19 fighting at the request of the Ministry of Health.

Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Nguyen Minh Hung presents encouraging flowers to the team of Hai Duong Medical Technical University before departure for duty

Speaking at the ceremony, Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Nguyen Minh Hung praised the volunteer spirit and willingness of officials, lecturers, and students of the university to support Covid-19 prevention and control in Binh Duong province.

He recommended the team members to proactively ensure their health in the process of assisting the province and seriously perform the Ministry of Health's 5K message, safe anti-epidemic measures, regulations and assignments of the team leader, lecturers, leaders, authorities, and local health sector in the spirit of mutual affection "Being liked when coming, loved when staying, and remembered when leaving".

He stressed that the university should draw lessons from the times sending officials, lecturers, and students to other provinces for epidemic fighting to work out suitable measures and regulations to avoid regrettable cases during the time in Binh Duong.

This time, the university sent 209 officials, lecturers, and students from the faculties of testing, medical imaging, nursing, and rehabilitation to Binh Duong for assistance with tracing, sampling for SARS-CoV-2 testing, attention to and treatment of Covid-19 patients.



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