Hai Duong contributes to enhance National Competitiveness

FRIDAY, 22/01/2021 08:01:54

Over the past time, the departments, sectors and localities in the province have clearly identified that the responsibility in improving the investment environment and improving the competitiveness of the province is a key and urgent task.

All levels and sectors in the province have focused on reforming administrative procedures, deploying the application of information technology towards modernization. In the photo: Organizations and individuals come to  the "One- Door" section of Hai Duong City People's Committee for business
Drastic in guiding 

Over the past time, Hai Duong has actively deployed a series of tasks and solutions to implement the Government's Resolution on continuing to perform the main tasks and solutions to improve the investment and trading environment, to raise national competitiveness.

In March 2019, the provincial People's Committee issued the action plan No.893 to direct all departments, branches, localities and units to continue implementing the tasks and solutions to promote the improvement of the investment and business environment, facilitating enterprises to develop their production and business in the province. In particular, in 2020, the socio-economic situation of the province was heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the production and business sectors have encountered hardships and difficulties. Faced with the above situation, the provincial People's Committee has asked all levels and sectors to support enterprises to overcome difficulties and to maintain production and business activities; to continue promoting the administrative procedure reform, creating a favorable environment for the operation of enterprises. All the departments, sectors, branches and localities in the province have directed their staff to focus on creating the most favorable conditions for businesses.

Positive results
Hai Duong Tax officials actively support people and businesses to implement tax procedures (Documentary photo)
Currently, 100% of administrative procedures of the departments, sectors and branches of the province have been received, processed and have the results returned at the provincial Public Administration Service Center. District People's Committees have applied information technology (IT) in handling administrative procedures towards modernization. Presently, the Department of Information and Communication has advised to build and officially put into operation the Online Public Service Portal of Hai Duong province and the synchronous "Online One- Door" system in the province. The provincial Online Public Service Portal has been connected to the National Public Service Portal and is providing 1,930 online public services of level 3 and 4. In 2019, the IT application readiness rating index of Hai Duong province ranked 19th out of 63 provinces and cities, 7 levels higher than that of 2018; Index of IT application and e-government development of the province ranked 18th out of 63 provinces and cities, 13 levels higher...

To facilitate businesses, organizations and people, a number of departments and sectors have shortened the time to deal with administrative procedures in many fields. The Department of Planning and Investment has reduced the time to handle business registration procedures from 3 days to 2 working days. The appraisal of investment projects and issuance of investment registration certificates for investment projects which are not subject to investment policy decisions has been reduced from 15 days to 7 working days. The Department of Natural Resources and Environment has shortened the time to handle land allocation and land lease procedures for newly established businesses, small and mini enterprises from 30 working days to not more than 10 days. The time to handle procedures for  environmental impact assessment are 20 days, 10 days shorter than regulated.

By the end of 2020, the provincial Public Administration Service Center has organized the assessment of the administrative procedure settlement for governmental officials and civil servants who receive, process and return the results of administrative procedure settlement through evaluation sheets. According to the report of the provincial People's Committee Office, the assessment results showed that nearly 67% of the satisfaction rating votes are at very good level; 31.5% of the satisfaction votes are at good level...


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