Hai Duong has only 4 F1 cases being kept in quarantine

TUESDAY, 06/04/2021 05:56:11

The 5th April is the 11th consecutive day that Hai Duong has not recorded any cases of Covid-19.

According to Hai Duong provincial Center for Disease Control, from 17:00 on 4th April to 17:00 on 5th April, Hai Duong did not report any cases of Covid-19, two patients were discharged from hospital. Thus, up to now, 670 out of 726 Covid-19 patients in Hai Duong have been discharged from hospital, only 56 cases are being under medical treatment.

Hai Duong had 11 consecutive days recording no cases; 17,557 out of a total of 17,561 F1 cases have expired their quarantine (4 F1 cases are being kept in quarantine in Kim Thanh district) and all 84,298 F2 cases expired their isolation at home or in their place of residence.

As of this time, Hai Duong has only 487 foreigners being isolated at the hotel and 5 cases under quarantine and health monitoring at Hai Duong Hospital for Tropical Diseases.




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