Official logo of Hai Duong province approved

MONDAY, 14/09/2020 09:04:10

The chairman of the People's Committee of Hai Duong province has approved an official logo of the province.

The entry chosen as the provincial logo

Accordingly, the chosen logo is the first prize winner of the Hai Duong Provincial Logo Creation Contest, coded M171 by Nguyen Duc Tien Long in Tuy An street, Hai Duong city.

Nguyen Duc Tien Long used the three-door gate of Kiep Bac temple, a unique and distinct structure, as the main idea of the logo. The under part reminds rivers bringing alluvia to Hai Duong fields.

Behind are two lotus petals suggesting pages about the studious tradition of ancient and present Hai Duong people that has trained many talents for the country.

Five excellent logos presented for a referendum in July 2019

The two lotus petals, also representing two large cities, and 10 light rays representing the province's districts and provincial town form the dawn light of the sun rising in the east.

The Hai Duong Provincial Logo Creation Contest was launched in October 2018. In July 2019, the Contest Organizing Board chose five logos sent by authors for people to vote.



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