Publicizing 20 new administrative procedures on construction

THURSDAY, 08/08/2019 14:46:00

The Construction Department has asked district and city People's Committees in the province to publicize 20 new administrative procedures on construction at their headquarters.

These administrative procedures include regulations on dossiers, processing time, fees, etc.

Provincial-level administrative procedures consist of product regulation conformity announcement, construction material goods, recognition and adjustment of the rankings of tenement apartments, religious works, historical and cultural relics, etc.

District-level administrative procedures comprise architectural planning, construction, technical infrastructure, appraisal of technical economic reports, construction drawing designs, and estimates for new or adjusted construction projects.

The publication of the administrative procedures is aimed at realizing the Provincial People's Committee's Decision 2092/QD-UBND dated June 21, 2019.

The contents of the new administrative procedures have been posted on its website:



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