Reception of Child Care and Education Support Project for Children in Industrial Zones and Clusters

SATURDAY, 02/01/2021 07:30:33

The provincial People's Committee has just agreed to receive the project supporting the care and education for preschool children in industrial zones and industrial clusters in the province funded by Onesky Organization (USA).

The project has a total value of over VND 1.9 billion with the goal to build an environment for child care and education at preschool educational institutions in lines with the current preschool education program objectives, to create a learning environment and to exchange experiences with teachers and caregivers; to improve professional qualification and capacity for 240 teachers and caregivers in independent and private kindergartens and preschools in industrial parks and industrial clusters.

This organization will give instructions for a public preschool to operate under the Onesky kindergarten model. The implementation period is from now to 2022.

The provincial People's Committee assigned the Department of Education and Training to receive the project and to implement the contents of the project in accordance with the regulations.


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