Requesting Government to establish Kinh Mon provincial town

THURSDAY, 13/06/2019 08:39:24

The Hai Duong Provincial People's Committee has submitted a plan to arrange commune-level administrative units and establish wards and Kinh Mon provincial town to the Government.

At present, communes and towns in Kinh Mon district are focusing on infrastructure construction and satisfaction of criteria to become wards
At present, there are three towns and 22 communes in Kinh Mon district.

The Government was requested to merge Quang Trung and Phuc Thanh communes into Quang Thanh commune, Pham Menh and Thai Son communes into Pham Thai ward. Kinh Mon provincial town will have 14 wards and nine communes.

The arrangement of commune-level administrative units was proposed on the basis of ensuring the uniformity of the factors: historical tradition, culture, nation, religion, beliefs, customs, geography, and natural conditions, contributing to streamlining the apparatus and improving the efficiency of local authorities.

The upgrading of communes to wards and the establishment of Kinh Mon provincial town will facilitate the management and development of industry, handicraft, and small industry, management of technical infrastructure and population, etc.



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