Safe, serious special senior high school graduation exam

FRIDAY, 09/07/2021 15:36:51

More than 22,000 examinees in Hai Duong took the senior high school (SHS) graduation exam on July 7 and 8.

Examinees take the literature test at Nam Sach 2 Senior High School

Taking place in the context of complicated and unpredictable developments of the Covid-19 epidemic, but the exam was successful thanks to thoughtful and careful preparation.


This is the second year in a row the exam has taken place in the context of a complicated epidemic; therefore, the provincial Steering Board for SHS Graduation Exam required relevant authorities and branches to absolutely not be subjective and neglectful but be proactive, concentrate on task implementation, and work out detailed plans to handle unexpected situations to ensure the safety of examinees and forces involved in the exam and more broadly, the whole community.

This year, due to the large number of examinees, to keep distance, the provincial authorities established 40 exam sites with 951 exam rooms, up seven sites and 120 rooms over the past year.

There were waiting rooms, backup exam rooms, and sufficient materials with detailed scenarios at all exam sites to deal with unexpected situations caused by the epidemic.

Before the exam, the Department of Health directed subordinate units to take samples from all forces involved in the exam for SARS-CoV-2 screening.

Apart from official invigilators, the Department of Education and Training also arranged standby ones (accounting for 10%) at each exam site.

SHSs closely monitored and grasped examinees' health. All of them had to make medical declarations before taking the exam.

Before and during the exam, the provincial Steering Board for SHS Graduation Exam, leaders of Party Committees and authorities of districts, the provincial town, and cities formed delegations to inspect the exam sites and promptly corrected limitations and shortcomings in preparations for the exam.

Relevant sectors directed forces to engage in ensuring security and order, dividing traffic, supporting examinees, and reminding their parents not to gather but strictly comply with 5K rules at the exam sites.

Forces involved in the exam and examinees seriously followed epidemic prevention regulations. There were not any examinees having to take the exam in a separate room for signs of illness, cough, or fever in the province.

Security, order, and traffic safety at the exam sites were guaranteed. Exam regulations were basically observed, and only two examinees violating regulations were suspended from the exam.

2nd exam phase expected not to be held

All examinees have their body temperature checked and disinfect their hands before entering exam sites

There were not any unexpected situations due to epidemiological factors affecting the exam in Hai Duong.

People, especially parents of examinees, keeping track of the exam acknowledged and strongly agreed to the drastic and responsible participation of agencies, units, and local authorities in organizing the exam and keeping all forces and examinees safe from the epidemic.

Most of the examinees were satisfied with their exam papers. Though learning was affected by Covid-19, the examinees completed their exam papers with efforts and determination and confidently targeted good results.

There were nine examinees who were F2 cases in isolated or blockaded areas in the province, but they were checked before the exam. The provincial Steering Board for SHS Graduation Exam allowed them to take the exam in phase 2.

The provincial authorities intend to consult the Ministry of Education and Training to send these examinees to neighboring provinces and cities to sit the exam. Thus, Hai Duong authorities will not have to organize the 2nd phase of the exam.

The Department of Education and Training is going to mark 2021 SHS graduation exam papers from July 11 – 16 and announce the results on July 26 (uniform across the country). Examinees can request checking of their exam papers from July 26 to August 15.



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