Sao Do University: 8.7% of Students are Self Employed after Graduation

THURSDAY, 07/01/2021 15:20:25

According to the latest survey results of Sao Do University, 286 out of 311 new graduates (August 2020) have found jobs, accounting for nearly 92%.

New graduates of the university having jobs in foreign enterprises account for the highest rate (46.2%), followed by students having jobs in private enterprises (34.3%), students having jobs in state sector (9.4%)... Especially, 8.7% of the graduate students can create jobs by themselves. The survey results show that the proportion of students of the university finding jobs after graduation is gradually increasing, meeting the requirements of enterprises.

The above survey was conducted by Sao Do University as per the request of Ministry of Education and Training. The University has used many survey channels such as giving questionnaires to students, survey via Gmail, Facebook, Zalo ...






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