State bodies' documents electronically exchanged

THURSDAY, 15/07/2021 17:45:11

At present, all documents are sent between State bodies in Hai Duong province through a system managing documents and work records.

The software has been applied to the commune level, ensuring the sending and reception of e-documents between units and connection with the National E-Document Exchange Platform.

Apart from shared software, a lot of specialized ones have been applied at agencies and units, such as a budget and treasury management system, a database system managing public assets of the financial sector, a shared database in the educational sector, etc.

To promote the application of information technology in administrative reform, the provincial authorities have granted more than 8,000 email accounts for public services, about 2,800 digital signatures for officials, public servants, and civil servants (up around 1,000 accounts and digital signatures compared to the end of 2020), and 20 SIM cards providing mobile signatures to leaders of departments, branches, and district People's Committees.



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