Twins admitted to school for gifted pupils

WEDNESDAY, 21/07/2021 15:33:56

Dinh Minh Hoang and Dinh Huy Hoang ranked 6th and 12th, respectively, out of 1,081 examinees at Nguyen Trai Senior High School for the Gifted.

Siblings Minh Hoang (right) and Huy Hoang were admitted to the 10th grade of Nguyen Trai Senior High School for the Gifted thanks to a high sense of self-study

Dinh Minh Hoang and Dinh Huy Hoang are twins from class 9C, Tan Binh Junior High School (JHS) in Hai Duong city, and have been admitted to the 10th grade of Nguyen Trai Senior High School (SHS) for the Gifted in the 2021 – 2022 school year with impressive results.

Huy Hoang and Minh Hoang ranked 6th and 12th, respectively, out of 1,081 examinees at Nguyen Trai SHS for the Gifted based on the points of three common subjects (mathematics, literature, and foreign language). Minh Hoang was enrolled in the mathematics class of the school with 47.7 points, and Huy Hoang the informatics class with 43.05 points.

Teacher Pham Thi Hue, head teacher of class 9C, Tan Binh JHS, was very happy when her two beloved pupils were admitted to the provincial school for the gifted but not surprised at this result.

"Both of them are docile and hard-working with a very high sense of self-study; therefore, before the examination, I still confidently affirmed with my colleagues that they would definitely pass in to the provincial school for the gifted," said Hue.

Principal of Tan Binh JHS Vu Thi Thuy Huong said this was the first year the school had had many pupils admitted to the 10th grade of Nguyen Trai SHS (22) and, particularly, the first time there had been two siblings among the successful examinees. Both of them are comprehensively good pupils with an average score of 9 or higher.

The siblings have been studious since childhood and obtained the good pupil title every year.

Their father works in the construction field and often leaves early and comes home late, while their mother is a clerical worker who does not have much time to spend with her children; however the brothers self-consciously tell each other to study and help their parents with housework.

Dinh Van Han (their father) said his children were so studious that sometimes they studied until 1 – 2 am and only went to bed when urged by their parents.

Unlike most parents, Han has allowed his children to freely use phones and computers since the 6th grade. Minh Hoang and Huy Hoang make the most of technology for learning and research instead of overindulging in video games and have never been reminded by their parents.

Besides learning, the siblings spend time reading books on science, life skills, etc. in their free time. Thus, despite their young age, both of them are agile and good at communication.

"Their strength is an ability to remember things for a very long time. In many subjects, they can remember the page on which the content of a lesson is referred to," said Han.

Huy Hoang said he never had enough time for studying and sometimes still tried despite tiredness.

"I always focus on every school day and class time. At home, I concentrate on improvement until proficient," said Huy Hoang.

As for Minh Hoang, the more difficult knowledge is, the more interesting it is to him.

Spending most of their time on learning, but both of them still participate in entertainment activities with their friends at school or in their residential quarter to refresh themselves and maintain the best health foundation.

Their target for the coming years is striving to always be in the top 10 pupils with the best academic achievements in their classes and, furthermore, be able to participate in the national team of good pupils and 'hunt' for scholarships to study abroad.

Huy Hoang dreams to become a software programmer writing projects on information technology in the future. Meanwhile, Minh Hoang aims to become a mathematician.



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