Victory in pandemic's epicenter

FRIDAY, 09/07/2021 16:38:35

Hai Duong medical team has helped Bac Giang province well control the Covid-19 epidemic and minimize human losses.

Members of Hai Duong medical team take care of a Covid-19 patient at an intensive care unit in Bac Giang

During one-month attachment to an intensive care unit (ICU) for severe Covid-19 patients in Bac Giang, "soldiers in white blouses" of Hai Duong medical team left good impressions on patients and people in the pandemic's epicenter.

The ICU was officially commissioned on June 5 at the Bac Giang provincial Mental Hospital to treat severe Covid-19 patients in the locality. There were 101 sickbeds with the most modern life-support systems at the unit.

Hai Duong medical team was one of units assigned to work on the first operation day of the ICU by the Ministry of Health. The team members were arranged in important positions, directly looking after severe patients with signs of lung damage.

Five members of the team were divided to stay with members of doctor and nurse teams from other provinces and cities like Thua Thien - Hue, Quang Ninh, and Vinh Phuc.

Every day, specialized vehicles picked frontline medical staff from a hotel nearly 3km from the hospital to begin their shift. They were equipped with special protective tools and came in the hospital to treat patients following a closed one-way process from entering the ICU to disinfecting themselves and returning to the hotel.

Bachelor of nursing Nguyen Thai Hoc from the Hai Duong provincial General Hospital has taken care of patients for 16 years. Hoc is also experienced in resuscitative nursing. He himself used to support the prevention and control of dangerous diseases. Therefore, in this Covid-19 wave, Hoc and his teammates were very confident when going to Bac Giang to fight the epidemic.

"All of us have mastered our technical expertise. However, the most fearful thing was protecting ourselves so as not to be infected because all patients in the ICU had lung damage, resulting in a great amount of virus in the environment. If not careful, we would be exposed immediately," said Hoc.

1st degree specialist Nguyen The Chung from the Tu Ky district Medical Center volunteered to join Hai Duong team in fighting the epidemic in the frontline.

To Chung, though the one-month care for and treatment of Covid-19 patients were very hard and dangerous, there were deep impressions and memories.

Chung was most impressed by the treatment of many old and child patients.

Patients who were only 7 – 8 years old could neither take care of themselves nor understand the instructions of doctors and nurses. At that time, doctor Chung, nurse Hoc, and other medical workers were both their doctors and babysitters.

They asked their relatives or people from the same locality to stay in the same room to provide additional support for the children. Fortunately, none of the child patients was seriously ill, and a few of them only needed oxygen.

Meanwhile, old patients sometimes could not take care of the minimum activities on their own, so doctors and nurses also cleaned, helped them eat and drink, etc. apart from treatment.

The joy of doctors and nurses was the discharge of each recovered patient from hospital, but there were also many times they were sad and tearful when seriously ill patients could not make it while their relatives were not by their side...

Though in the pandemic's epicenter, the medical workers away from home and relatives still had happy and cosy feelings when being respected and materially cared for by leaders of the province, the Department of Health, and people.

Representatives of the health sector often called to ask after, brought aid to the place, and paid attention to and encouraged families of the added staff, so all team members kept their mind on their work.

After the working trip, Hai Duong medical team was acknowledged and highly appreciated. The professionalism of the members of Hai Duong team in particular and doctors and nurses in general helped cure a very high rate of patients at the ICU with only seven out of nearly 7,000 Covid-19 cases passing away.

Leaders of Bac Giang province admitted that leading resuscitation techniques in Vietnam like dialysis, mechanical ventilation, and ECMO transferred by medical workers would be applied in the province later.

On July 1, members of all teams outstandingly accomplishing their tasks were awarded certificates of merit by the People's Committee of Bac giang province. After returning, Hai Duong team members are being quarantined for 21 days before reuniting with their families.

The contributions of Hai Duong medical team to Bac Giang province are of important significance, helping the province well control the epidemic and minimize human losses.



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