'I was moved to speechlessness and tears for my son'

WEDNESDAY, 29/08/2018 15:23:47

That was what Nguyen Van Tao, father of Nguyen Van Toan, said after Vietnam’s Olympic football team had defeated Syria with the striker's only goal in the quarterfinal which took place on August 27 evening.

Van Toan's goal sent Vietnam's Olympic football team to the semifinal of the ASIAD

'Van Toan is fantastic'

Before the match, Nguyen Van Tao and Tang Thi Dua (Toan's parents) in Phu Tao residential area, Thach Khoi ward (Hai Duong city) prepared seats, drinking water, and a large-screen TV for their relatives and neighbors to watch and cheer Van Toan and Vietnam’s Olympic football team on during the quarterfinal against Syria.

Since the beginning of the tournament, Van Toan has not been arranged as one of the main players by coach Park Hang-seo.

"I encouraged him not to be dispirited but play well whenever he was sent into the field. This is Park Hang-seo's tactic. He promised to play well and try to score goals," said Tao.

As soon as being sent into the field in the quarterfinal by coach Park Hang-seo, Van Toan played very aggressively. The opposing team's defense was staggered by his speed and techniques. The player's sweeping moves and slick passes in front of the defense of the opposing team excited the atmosphere at his home.

All seemed to explode in the 108th minute of the match. From an accurate long pass of half-back Bui Tien Dung, the ball was bumped over the Syrian goalkeeper's head by Anh Duc but hit the cross-bar and bounded out.

At that very moment, Van Toan was present in time to shoot the ball into the net of goalkeeper Madnya Ahmad, helping Vietnam’s Olympic football team lead by one goal to 0.

The shouts "Vietnam wins!" and "Van Toan is fantastic!" resounded, making the football atmosphere in the house of the striker who is playing for Hoang Anh Gia Lai Club as hot as a burning pan.

"The happiest thing is that Van Toan achieved the feat of helping Vietnam’s Olympic football team win. At that time, I suddenly shed tears and had a lump in my throat for happiness. My neighbors and relatives in Sai Gon and abroad have called to express congratulations. I am proud of my son," said Tao.

'Hope my son will gather up strength for the semifinal'

Nguyen Van Tao and his wife call Van Toan to encourage him and the other players in the Vietnam's Olympic football team to focus on playing to defeat South Korea in the semifinal

Tang Thi Dua, Van Toan's mother, said not until 11 pm on August 27 did Toan call home to share his joy. Toan only had a few minutes to talk because he had to rest right after that.

"At that time, both Toan and my family were happy and speechless. We only congratulated each other and reminded him to stay healthy and gather up strength for the semifinal," said Dua.

On August 28 morning, many fans still flocked to Van Toan's house to share the joy of his family.

Nguyen Van Quyet in Quang Trung street (Hai Duong city) said on August 27 evening, he called Van Toan's father to offer congratulations but the phone line was constantly busy.

"Toan brought happiness to all Vietnamese people. In the semifinal against South Korea, I believe Vietnam will win. Van Toan will continue to score," Quyet confidently said.

Until August 28 noon, groups of fans still went to Tang Thi Dua's house to congratulate Toan and his family.

Dua said during the semifinal against South Korea, her family would cheer Van Toan on from home instead of going to Indonesia.

"My husband and I have been there with our son for a week. I do not want his attention to be distracted by his family but wholeheartedly focus on the match. We must stay at home to receive our relatives and fans to reciprocate their sincere feelings for Toan and the Vietnamese team," said Dua, adding that shortly after the quarterfinal, Coca-Cola funded her family with VND10 million and drinks to serve fans going to her family for cheering.



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