Thach Dong - popular tourist destination in Kien Giang

FRIDAY, 07/06/2019 08:39:37

Thach Dong (stone cave), a huge limestone mountain in My Duc commune, Ha Tien district is a popular tourist destination in the Mekong delta province of Kien Giang.

Thach Dong, a huge limestone mountain, is located 4km from the centre of Ha Tien

Thach Dong is covered with green trees and limestone cliffs in unique shapes
The cave has many stalactites of varying shapes that draw curious visitors
On the walls of the caves, there are protruding rocks that are now home to hundreds of pigeons
Thach Dong’s stalactites impress visitors
From the top of Thach Dong, tourists can see a panoramic view of Ha Tien or the beautiful scenery of Cambodia
Thach Dong attracts a large number of visitors
Souvernir shops on the way to the cave


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